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There's no "Defendin'" this game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 28, 2008

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You are a penguin named Little Blue and your fellow penguins and their villages are being attacked by other creatures. What do you do?
Naturally, you build towers that shoot snowmen, icicles, freezing air or ice cubes.
How you do that without opposible thumbs is a big mystery. But it's not the biggest in Defendin' Da Penguin.
And it's not how the attacking animals are so stupid they walk along a clearly marked path, ignoring shortcuts, one by one to their death via your towers.
No, the biggest mystery here is how this game can be exciting.
I know, it's a strategy game where you place the right tower(s) in the right place(s).
But after less than a minute of watching turtles, crabs, cats, wolly mammoths (aren't they extinct?) and other creatures march single file to their doom, the game got boring.
The dead animal marching just kept on going and going and going, and my interest kept on falling and falling. After a few levels, I almost lost all interest in playing this game.
Making things worse is the extremely bland text driven story. Every day starts off with Little Blue and his friends talking about the newest upgrade or tower and the latest suckers ... I mean enemies to attack the village. It ends with our heroes saying we beat them.
The story doesn't go anywhere - it's just the same talk over and over and over again. Boring!
The only thing that kept me interested was seeing all eight available towers. Some towers were interesting, namely the one that tossed snowmen. But once I've seen all the towers in action, I was done playing this game.
I say stay away from Defendin' Da Penguin.

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Defendin' de Game

posted by wii29b (JOHNSTOWN, PA) Nov 16, 2010

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I understand the bad reviews, and I don't disagree with most of the facts, but I do have to disagree with the opinions that this game is boring, lame, and repetitive.
Every level provides a road that winds about the screen through a town. The penguin you control will go fishing while enemies begin to walk from one end of the road to the other. Enemies will steal your fish once they pass through your town, unless you set up towers to eliminate them before they get to the town or before they walk off the screen.
Towers shoot projectiles and other winter attacks (snow balls, ice cubes, icicles, etc). Some towers are fast and less powerful, some slow and strong, some a bit of both, and they also have varying distance factors. There are different enemies types with different vulnerabilities and advantages (some enemies are strong but slow, some are fast and weak, and some a little of both).
Other than checking that your towers are effective, going fishing, and picking up some perks, there is nothing for you to do while the enemies are getting bombarded.
Waiting for the towers to do their job can be boring, but not enough to keep me away. This is the type of game, if you have a good system you can walk away from your TV and let the towers do their job (like Overlord for NES).
The game also reminds me World of Goo only because, even when I don't win, I'm still happy I get to start over learning from my failed attempt (as is everything though, isn't it).
The other nice thing about this game is it's lack of a 15 minute intro, and a involved story line.
I would recommend people who didn't enjoy this game to give it another chance.
Graphics 7, story 5, sound 6, game play 10+.
I give it a 10 for fun factor.

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Really Bad

Not so good...Its Like a free internet flash game

posted by DrKnow (PEMBROKE PINES, FL) Feb 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2008

Have you seen Desktop Tower Defense on the free flash games sites? Its an awesome flash game where you place and upgrade towers to keep the enemies from getting across your screen.... Very addicting.

This game is just like that, except it is bad.

Controlling where towers go with the Wii Stick is hard, its so sensitive to movement that pressing the A button down moves the tower from where you wanted it placed.

The interface is just ok, place towers, upgrade towers, nice little battle add-ons, all wrapped up with cute little penguins.

The music got so annoying so fast, its the same 45 seconds of carnival like music repeating and repeating and repeating....

Do yourself a favor, go play the Flash version for free and skip this one....

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