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posted by theCr0w17 (COLBY, KS) Nov 12, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

The whole highlight of a fighting games is, well...the fighting! In this game you are treated with an awkward-feeling fighter controller scheme it will make you wanna chew off your fingers off. Basically think of the worst Boxing and wrestling gamed you've played and combine them with a nice long-shot view and then sprinkle it with an ugly filter that barely lets you see what's happening when your health is low. The controller scheme can't even be changed, what a beauty!

The character are so unbalanced: either Speed of Light Fast or Frozen Snail Slow. If you pick a fast character/style you will win with no effort whatsoever. No special moves, pick up weapons or fatalities, overall empty game-play for a 21st century game. The music is lame, basically a bunch of ego-feeding "this is why I'm hot" new age Hip-Hop, but hey, at least it's uncensored, right? Lamer are the artists featured, who you might get a bit of satisfaction beating up on.(Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Lil Jon)

Before I move on to the story-line, I must point out that the menu navigation is terrible and quite tedious and the list takes a while to load at times.

The story-line is somewhat enjoyable, the concept is terrible and the characters and everything else feels uninteresting and you cant even use your character you make there in the other modes(I only got 3/4 in though) but it works smoothly, the cut-scenes are very sharp and good looking and the customization is robust.

In contrast, a lot of potential wasted and feeling inferior to it's predecessor. That's all.


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not even close to def jam vendetta

posted by mandrews75209 (DALLAS, TX) Jun 30, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

This game wast waht I expected. I was expecting something better then Def Jam Vendetta but what i got wasn't even close. This games graphics are ok but there were no specials no power k.o.'s. I wouldnt rent this game again let alone buy it.

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A franchise killer

posted by el4evr (STAFFORD, VA) Oct 10, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Def Jam Icon is a real change in the line-up of def jam games,but for the worse.

Unique storyline
Good selection of people

Whole game as been changed
no specials
Nothing new

Def Jam Icon took the core of FFNY and threw it away and started fresh,bad idea! with no fighting cuztimization and no specials, your character really isn't any different then any other fighter in this game. Instead of the hundreds of unique and amazing specials from the previous game,you have this silly Dj scratching nonscence thats only fun to use for like 10 times,after that your pretty much seeing the same thing over and over again in a different venue. As storyline goes, it really is different. Making you into a fighter and a producer, which is fine if i was playing the sims or some other simulator but thats not the case here. to be frank, this game is perfect if you want to play a boring fighting game that killed a once unique and fun franchise

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