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Def Jam gone wrong

posted by Drin23 (CUPERTINO, CA) Apr 25, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

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Def Jam Icon is a big disappointment. In single player it feels more like a wrestling game with a rap feel than a fighting game. Almost all AI has the same strategy, block or counter your attacks, hit you a few times, then throw you into the nearest object and follow it up by "scratching" and doing massive damage. Simply put, single player mode is more frustrating than fun. Not to mention, the basic attacks like punching and kicking feel somewhat sluggish.

The enviroments themselves are rather boring, basically all of them flat ground with a few explosive objects or what not surrounding each one. Also, the effects are really annoying. When you or someone else changes a song mid fight, the colors change to give a different effect, but it's not a cool effect, just annoying. When you get close to dying, the screen gets kind of bright and it makes it harder to fight, atleast for me; and the camera views itself can get rather annoying. There will be times when all you can see is your characters back, with your opponent in front of you attacking you, but you can't see where to block because all you can see is the back of your character.

So does the multiplayer aspect redeem this game? Well, from my limited online expierence I would say no. Because the fighting itself in this game just isn't that good, online play feels very similar to single player. It's basically just block your opponent, punch or kick a few times, then when they block grab them and throw them into the nearest object, and scratch to blow them up.

If your a fan of the other Def Jam games, you will definetly be disappointed with this game. It feels like a completely different game than the last Def Jam, and thats not a good thing. Icon is more focused on the music aspect of the game, than the actual fighting; and yet it's a fighting game.

Overall, if you liked the other Def Jam games, give this one a try; but don't get your hopes up.

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Hip-Hop Hooray! ...but not really

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Mar 7, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Jul 2006

26 out of 34 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Simply put, this game is not as good as the last game, Def Jam: Fight for New York. It looks great and has some innovative music stuff, but it's significantly lacking in the fighting department, which is a total bummer considering this is supposed to be a fighting game. It seems they concentrated so much on the music aspect that the fighting is almost an afterthought.

The basic gameplay is this: beat guys up to beat of the song. It's a fresh idea, I'll admit, but doesn't seem to work very well in practice. Maybe it's just my whiteness and accompanied lack of rhythm that's the problem, but I've played other music style games without any hiccups. The issue here is that pushing buttons to try to punch a dude's face at the same time as the bass beats just doesn't work like it should. You can also jiggle the analog stick to "scratch" the song all DJ like but that never seemed to help me either.

Icon definitely seems like a step in the wrong direction when compared to Fight for New York. There's no HUD, no health meters, and no special fighting moves or techniques other than punching and kicking and some mediocre grabs. It's much more realistic in terms of the moves, but also a lot less fun. It has fewer battlegrounds and fewer playable characters than Fight for NY, and it also doesn't have any female characters. I enjoyed beating people up as Carmen Electra and now I can't.

It's sorta fun to beat down fools online, and the ability to use your own songs in the game would be neat if it actually worked correctly. You can't "scratch" custom songs, and the beats don't seem to register as well as the in-game songs. Sometimes a gas tank will explode nowhere near a bass beat and make me wonder if it just blows up at scheduled intervals instead.

Basically, if you like fighting games, you MIGHT like this, but anyone that really loved the last game will probably be disappointed. I'd only recommend Icon to people who are really into hip-hop music. Overall it's just OK.

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What happened?

posted by slokom123 (SENOIA, GA) Mar 22, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

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I am so disapointed in this game. The first def jam was great. The second was perfect.. The third is LAAAAAAAME... Now compared to the 1st two the fighting is slow. It just sucks. What happened to grapples and slamming and throwing theminto walls and all that? Now you punch kick anthrow in slow motion.. Themusic is a 10, the characters are a 10. The fighting and actual gameplay is 0. Now if you did't change a thing and all that was changed was the fighting this game would be thegreatest ever.. I love how you can sign artists and drop their albums and choose ryalties and make money off that. But, the gameplay ruins everything. All you have to do is remake it and make the actual gameplay the same as fight for newyork. That's the only thing that needs to change.. What the (BLANK) were they thinking with the air turntable bull (BLANK) Bad idea.

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