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GF Rating

Very Good

Appreciate it for what it is, rap fans.

posted by cloakXdagger (OMAHA, NE) Jan 27, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

This game was alot of fun when it came out in 06-07 or so, and i just rented it & discovered it still is. The only downside to the PS3 version is the lack of custom soundtracks; this makes the in-game fight music extremely limited compared to the 360 release. Other than that, the line-up of rappers playable for the fights is pretty legit. Young Jeezy, The Game, Redman & Method Man, E-40, Ludacris, Bun B from UGK, Big Boi from Outkast..the list goes on. With the "F.A.C.E." character creation, the game allows for some seriously deep character customization. I was even able to use several of my four slots for custom fighters to make additional artists (Young Buck, Rick Ross, Pimp C) that looked like the real rappers enough that friends picked them not knowing the difference, wondering where their fight songs where on the music selection. Play around with it, it's a lot of fun! Combat is fairly simple to master. Controlling the fight songs via dj scratching moves, fully destructible environments vividly detailed with a grimy hiphop filter over them, and hearing your favorite artists trash talking eachother all make this game wild when the fights break out. There are some issues with fighting, though : Too many characters' fighting styles are imbalanced (i.e, majority of moves are kicks or high moves leaving them vulnerable often), and EVERYONE's combos/moves are painfully slow. This is not for the seeker of fast-moving, fly across the screen with gi-normous fireballs flying out of your %$# type fighting games. Story mode is interesting, different situations each run allow for some replay value there. Not too much unlockable content, on the downside. Bottom line..if you like rap and want to see major artists throw down in the club, on 106th & Park or outside the corner store to a decent 06-07 era soundtrack, rent this game. Im gonna buy it used if I find it. I read these bad reviews, they made me laugh. Its not Def Calibur V, dont set the bar so high.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by BloodyHeck (HOLCOMB, KS) Jul 17, 2012

Member since Oct 2008

I liked it; was ok. Though I did love the first, so you can understand my disappoinment in this one. I liked the label storyline; I do miss the dynamic characters, multi acts in music, and voice overs.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not even worth a "curiotsity" rental

posted by Linklex7 (BRIDGEVILLE, DE) Jun 29, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

The worst thing to ever happen to the Def Jam series was them changing it from a wrestling game (an original one too in a time where every WWE Smackdown game seemed the same) to a generic fighting game. Instead of having four players duke it out, you can only have two players at once now. The controls are clunky & stiff making it difficult to pull off many moves. The "music is your weapon" gimmick gets old really fast as most of your fights will just be spent scratching an invisible turntable to make the environment hurt your opponent. The story of you being an up and coming rapper is decent enough. However, it doesn't matter how good a storyline is if the gameplay is frustrating and terrible. I can't stress enough how terrible the controls are. You'll fight those more than you will your actual opponent. I brought this game brand new for only $2, and I still ended up taking it back for a full refund. If there is ever a 4th Def Jam game, which this 3rd installment pretty much insures won't ever happen now, it needs to return to a 4-6 player wrestling game. That's what made the first two games so fun to play. This game is not worth even renting. Even if you're a huge Def Jam fan.

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