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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun for the first couple of hours

posted by blazin98 (BURNSVILLE, MN) Mar 19, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

My first reaction to def jam icon when I put in the disc was, wow great soundtrack, tons and tons of characters and interactive environments, what could possibly make it a bad game. Then, I realized that this is a fighting game and THE most important element in a fighting game is the fighting. The fighting in this game is below average, even for a def jam game. After you have played for the first few hours it gets old really fast. After you play it for a while you realize that aside from the occasional block or counter, it's basically who can throw the other person into the hazards in the environment the most times.

The storyline is more funny then bad, u start as a nobody in a nightclub who gets in a fight, and the head of a record label wants you to be part of his crew, and somehow beating the snot out of people tells him you have talent as a producer, so you sign artists, produce songs, etc.. The story mode is very short, and can be beaten in under 2 days.

One thing that is a big plus is the multiplayer mode, because everything has a kind of a sting feeling to it especially all the scratching and turntable moves, which are used to either change the song or set off an environmental hazard, which also bump to the beat of the bass,it is just satisfying to make your opponent fly across the room.

This game was average at best, but if you like hip hop or fighting games it is worth checking out.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not Worth The Hype

posted by ps3stheman (LEXINGTON, MA) Mar 16, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

The rappers look exactly like they do in real life and the environments are pretty cool, but once the game starts this just turns into another button masher where any idiot can frantically tap his way to victory. there is absolutely no technique in the fighting at all in this game, just whoever's rapper has the quicker attack. once you punch someone they take a while to recover, so you just keep doing the same punch over and over again until they fall down. i will admit, the DJ feature is pretty cool, but it gets very old very fast when you learn that you can do it any time you want, not just when you knock someone down. this turns the game into a contest of who can mash their favorite button the fastest, and then blow someone up (or have the stupid explosion not effect them at all because they were knocked down too far from the only part of the environment affected by the DJ control). bottomline: you're probably better off buying def jam: fight for new york instead of def jam icon. its not worth the money

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GF Rating


Not an ICON at all!

posted by FSKMIKE (REYNOLDSBURG, OH) Mar 14, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

They have changed everything in this game from what was really good to what is now really bad. Where do I begin, the line up of characters is no where near what it was in the previous games. The fight system is not like any of the other games and is slow and non-fun. All they talked about in the trailers was how they wanted to produce a game that was blended with real hip-hop and all they did was put all the music, and artist that are not REAL hip hop. Where is Crazy Legs, LL, Nas, Emenim, Jay Z, Missy! There is no character to this game at all, the old Def Jams had character and life to it. This game is like one of today's rap videos, but in slow mo! They got so lazy with the fight engine in this one and do not even get me started on the names for the combat styles! This is ridiculous, the unnecessary filters on the screen were annoying and how do you make it possible for XBOX 360 to have custom soundtracks and not the PS3 version!!!!! What was good about this game, the graphics look awesome and the producer aspect is very cool. The create a character option is one of the best thus far I really made the character look like myself. In conclusion I dislike it when a game series comes so far and then drops the ball. In essence getting rid of all the things that made it cool to begin with.

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