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GF Rating

Very Good

this games pretty good

posted by lazzzydude (LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 21, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

its a fun game with a great soundtrack. It gets fun but wats so frustrating is losing battles over and over again. except for this this game is awesome. The gracpics are great and offers a varity of songs and battles. I enjoyed this game and u will too

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GF Rating


Not good not great

posted by AlDavisKid (LOS ANGELES, CA) Mar 20, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

The game play is slow and the moves are not that great. Virtua fighter on my N64 was faster than this! Once you get the hang of everything the best part of the game is not fighting, it's managing the record label.

Fighting style gets boring after a while. For it being on PS3 which has been marketed as one of the fastest CPU's (Cell Processor) in the gaming world, it's very slow to render when you are putting on different clothes, it takes about a good 3 seconds for the system to update his clothes. Its VERY FRUSTRATING at best.

Also found a bug in the system: When you go over 1Billion in record revenues, you all of a sudden get a NEGATIVE billion in your bank account, thus not being able to put any money into marketing or clothes. You have to keep fighting until your record revenues go back up and can afford a 250,000 necklace :-)

On the PLUS side, the music is great and how you time the music to throwing a punch is even better.

For it being on a PS3, I really expected a lot more especially when the developers can take full advantage of the CELL processor and the PS3's power. Just LACKS and hope they go back to the drawing board on this one.

I really am greatful for companies like Gamefly because if I really liked Icon, I would have naturally purchased it. But it's going back in the mail for good!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun for the first couple of hours

posted by blazin98 (BURNSVILLE, MN) Mar 19, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

My first reaction to def jam icon when I put in the disc was, wow great soundtrack, tons and tons of characters and interactive environments, what could possibly make it a bad game. Then, I realized that this is a fighting game and THE most important element in a fighting game is the fighting. The fighting in this game is below average, even for a def jam game. After you have played for the first few hours it gets old really fast. After you play it for a while you realize that aside from the occasional block or counter, it's basically who can throw the other person into the hazards in the environment the most times.

The storyline is more funny then bad, u start as a nobody in a nightclub who gets in a fight, and the head of a record label wants you to be part of his crew, and somehow beating the snot out of people tells him you have talent as a producer, so you sign artists, produce songs, etc.. The story mode is very short, and can be beaten in under 2 days.

One thing that is a big plus is the multiplayer mode, because everything has a kind of a sting feeling to it especially all the scratching and turntable moves, which are used to either change the song or set off an environmental hazard, which also bump to the beat of the bass,it is just satisfying to make your opponent fly across the room.

This game was average at best, but if you like hip hop or fighting games it is worth checking out.

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