Rent Def Jam: Fight for NY for Xbox
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Def Jam: Fight for NY

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Also on:GC, PS2
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1070 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Def Jam: Fight for NY

Directional Pad Up/Down = Highlight Menu Items. Left/Right = Cycle Choices/Move Sliders.
A Button Select. Go to Next Screen.
B Button Return to Previous Screen

Left Thumbstick Move Fighter
Right Thumbstick Taunt. Move in Any Direction to Activate the Blaze, Then Grab Opponent and Move Right Thumbstick to Turn Lights Out.
A Button Grapple. Throw. Pick Up.
B Button Run
X Button Kick. Get Weapon.
Y Button Punch. Get Weapon.
White Button Opponent Targeting (Multi-Character Matches Only)
Black Button Opponent Targeting (Multi-Character Matches Only)
Left Trigger Strong Attack Modifier
Right Trigger Block

Left Thumbstick Stand Up
A Button Grapple Attack
B Button Stand Up. B Button + Left Thumbstick = Roll and Up. B Button + Move Left Thumbstick Toward Your Fighter's Head = Scramble Back and Up.
X Button Rising Attack (Press to Kick Your Opponent as You Rise to Your Feet)
Right Trigger Block (Pull While on Ground or While Rising to Shut Down an Attack)