Rent Def Jam: Fight for NY for GC
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Def Jam: Fight for NY

Not Rentable
Also on:Xbox, PS2
GF Rating

295 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Def Jam: Fight for NY

Control Stick Up/Down = Highlight Menu Items
Control Pad Highlight Menu Items
A Button Select. Go to Next Screen.
B Button Cancel. Return to Previous Screen.

Control Stick Move Fighter
A Button Grapple. Throw. Pick Up.
B Button Kick
X Button Run
Y Button Punch
Z Button Opponent Targeting (Multi-Character Matches Only)
L Button Strong Attack Modifier
R Button Block
C Stick Taunt. Move in Any Direction to Activate the Blaze, Then Grab Opponent and Move C Stick to Turn Lights Out.

X Button X Button + Control Stick = Roll and Up. X Button or Move Control Stick = Stand Up. X Button (While on Ground) + Control Stick (Towards Opponent's Head) = Scramble Back and Up. Press X Button for Grapple Attack.
Y Button Rising Attack (Press and Punch Opponent as You Rise to Your Feet)
R Button Block (Press While on Ground or While Rising to Shut Down an Attack)