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Def Jam: Fight for NY - The Takeover

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Gameplay Controls

Def Jam: Fight for NY - The Takeover

X Button Weak Grapple. Drop Weapon and Grapple.
Triangle Button Weak Punch
Square Button Weak Kick
R Button Block
Analog stick Move Character
Combo #1 L + Triangle = Strong Punch. L + Square = Strong Kick.
Combo #2 L + Triangle or Square = Submission Move for Submission Fighters
Combo #3 Circle, Triangle or Square = Running Strike
Combo #4 X, Triangle or Square = Weak Grapple Attack
Combo #5 L + X = Strong Grapple
Combo #6 L + X, Triangle or Square = Strong Grapple Attack
Combo #7 Circle, X = Running Grapple
Combo #8 X or L, X = Grab Opponent, then X or Circle + Analog Stick= Shove in Direction
Combo #9 X + Circle = Pick up Weapon or Drop Weapon
Combo #10 D + Analog Stick any Direction = Blazin' Taunt or Blazin' Move

X Button Attack
Triangle Button Rising Punch Attack
Square Button Rising Kick Attack
Circle Button Stand Up
R Button Block
Combo #1 Circle + Analog Stick Towards Opponent's Head = Scramble and Back Up
Combo #2 Circle + Analog Stick (Any Direction) = Roll and Get Up
Combo #3 L + Triangle or Square = Throw Dirt in Opponent's Face

R Button Block
Combo #1 L + R = Catch Opponent's Strike
Combo #2 Triangle or Square or X at Same Time as Grapple = Counter
Combo #3 R (As Soon as You Hit the Ground) = Bump
Combo #4 X or Circle or Triangle or Square (Tap Rapidly) = Escape Submission
Combo #5 R + L = Mounted Reversal