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GF Rating

Very Good

A Nintendo DS Gem

posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 22, 2007

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This is one of those games that I am happy I went with instinct on, as most reviews for it are very bad. In my opinion, this is a solid rpg. The control scheme is great, I love slashing at my screen and the magic spells are very typical (all DS games do magic the same, officially) but fun too. The graphics are solid, the music is good, the only downside is there is a lack of depth in the game itself. The story is typical, the characters are fairly bland - and thats the only negative thing I have to say. There are good anime cutscenes with audio, the enemies sometimes take up two screens and honestly look awesome, and for a dungeon crawler this is a top notch game. Trust me, you want a bad DS rpg? There are a few (see : PRETTY MUCH ALL "RPGS" THAT CAME OUT WITHIN A YEAR OR TWO OF THE DS LAUNCH) so you can definately understand, compared to say LOST IN BLUE or LUNAR DS, this is beyond exceptional. It is not ZELDA, nor the best the ds has to offer. It IS a fun game rpg/dungeon-crawler fans will definately get a lot of value from. B +.

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GF Rating


Very good

posted by maddad (OCONTO, WI) Nov 26, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

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This game is very unique and fun. There are two stories you can start with and both are quite enjoyable. However, the stories are very shallow and the magic system feels added just to use the touch screen more. If you can get past that though, you may find yourself playing a truly great game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

The Walls, The Walls!!!

posted by nnaatteedd (BIG STONE GAP, VA) Aug 28, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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Let's see, where to begin. Being a conniseur of RPGs I had to check this one out. This is the most ingenious RPG of them all, due to all the touchscreen and microphone uses. Although, I found it lacking...lacking oh so much. For starters this game has little or no depth whatsoever. I think a 2 year old threw the storyline together. The music, and the dungeon walls are as everybit repeating as the days of the week. Gameplay is extremely short, 10 hours at the most and that's with exploring every inch of the dungeons. And for all you're hardwork, the ending is...well...just the end. I give it a 6 but even that may be too kind.

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