Rent Deathrow for Xbox
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Not Rentable
GF Rating

300 ratings

Gameplay Controls


Directional Pad Team Strategy Change (Up -More Offense, Down-More Defense)
Left Thumbstick Move
Right Thumbstick Strafe Left/Right
A Button Punch/Pass (with Disc)
B Button Kick/Shoot (with Disc)
X Button Block/Dodge/Roll
Y Button Jump
White Button Taunt
Black Button Change Player
Left Trigger Shift
Right Trigger Lock on the Disc/Lock on Opponent Goal (with Disc)
Combo #1 Grab: Left Thumbstick pushed to the maximum speed Up + A + B
Combo #2 Round Kick: Y then B
Combo #3 Quicker Rotation: Left Thumbstick Pressed
Combo #4 Fake throw then roll: Hold B + X + Left Trigger
Combo #5 Fake throw then pass: Hold B + A
Combo #6 One-Timer: A then B while Disc is in the air
Combo #7 Deathrow: Hold B