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Death Race 2000


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25 ratings

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This 1975 cult-classic envisioned a year 2000 where hit-and-run driving is no longer outlawed; in fact, it's the national sport! Drivers compete in an insanely popular, mega-mile cross-country race where they win points by mowing down pedestrians. Frankenstein (David Carradine) is the sport's champion. (He gets his name from his rebuilt face, which he always covers with a mask.) He's hounded by his archrival and closest competitor Machine Gun Joe (Sylvester Stallone). A rebellious group of protestors looks to put an end to the carnage and begins picking off drivers mid-race, causing Frankenstein to have a change of heart. Produced by Roger Corman, Death Race 2000 is filled with campy, low-budget action, over-the-top characters, and all the essential trappings of B-movie brilliance.

Specs & Requirements

Length 78

Screen Format 1.78:1