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Death Jr.


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Gameplay Controls

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Death Jr.

Directional Buttons Up = Display Weaons. Left/Right = Select Weapon.
X Button Jump
Triangle Button Dodge
Square Button Swing Scythe. Switch to Scythe.
Circle Button Fire Current Weapon. Switch to Guns.
L1 Button Recenter Camera Behind DJ. Lock on (Manual Lock). Free Look (Hold).
R1 Button Enter Strafe Mode. Lock on (Auto Lock).
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move DJ
Combo #1 Triangle + Circle = Activate Assist (When Pandora Assist Meter Full, Extra-Powerful Attack)
Combo #2 Square, Square, Triangle = Circular Scythe Combo
Combo #3 Square , Square, Square = Powerful Scythe Combo
Combo #4 Square, Square, X = Juggling Scythe Combo
Combo #5 X, Square = Jumping Vertical Scythe Attack
Combo #6 Press Analog Stick Any Direction, Then Reverse Stick and Press X = Reverse Jump
Combo #7 Jump Into Wall, Hold Analog Stick In Direction of Wall, Press X While Sliding Down = Wall Jump
Combo #8 Swing Scythe Vertically Onto Overhead Wire = Wire Slide (Press X or Square to Disengage)
Combo #9 X, X (Again in Mid-air) = Spin Jump
Combo #10 Swing Scythe Vertically at Rafter to Hook It = Rafter Swing (DJ Swings and Jumps off Rafter)

Combo #1 Swing Scythe Vertically at Hook = Hook Swing (Press X or Square to Disengage). While on Hook, Use Analog Stick to Adjust Orientation.
Combo #2 Swing the Scythe vertically as DJ is heading toward the ground. If the blade hits the ground before DJ, he will be launched back into the air.
Combo #3 Swing Scythe vertically while jumping towards a ledge. If the Scythe hooks the ledge, DJ is catapulted to the top of the ledge.