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Death Jr.: Root of Evil

Not Rentable
GF Rating

303 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Death Jr.: Root of Evil
Control Stick
Control Pad
Left/Right = Ranged Weapon Select
A Button
Jump. Accept.
B Button
Swing Weapon. Melee Attack. Cancel.
1 Button
Pause Menu
2 Button
Show HUD
- Button
Rotate Camera Left
+ Button
Rotate Camera Right
C Button
Center Camera
Z Button
Ranged Combat Mode (Hold)
Hover Jump
Press A Button, then press and hold A Button.
Ledge Grab
Chimney Climb
Wire Slide
Tap A Button, then tap A Button again near wire.
Fire Weapon
Hold Z Button, then press B Button.
Hold Z Button, then Move with Control Stick.
Free Look Camera
Hold Z Button and move Wii Remote.