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"Deal" for fans, "No Deal" for everyone else

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 20, 2009

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Look out! The Miis have taken control over Deal or No Deal, and they're out for blood - I mean they're out for money.
This is a direct take on the TV show of the same title, and you can choose to play the standard Deal or no Deal way.
But there are other options to modify the game.
First, you have Double or Nothing where at the end of the game, you get a 50/50 shot of doubling your score. If not, you get nothing.
Then, there's the multi million dollar cases, where there isn't just one million dollar case, there are up to 13 (you adjust it when you set the game up.)
Or, the top value can be randomized for a higher value - two million, three million or more.
Then, there's the standard game, but every amount is doubled, from 2 cents to 2 million dollars.
Each of these games can be played multiplayer; you can have several contestants competing at the same time, or have one player be the banker trying to get the case back from one or more contestants for as little money as possible.
Rounding out the package are minigames that I found to be short and forgettable. Why can't developers just say "no" to minigames for Wii?
The multiplayer aspect is the best part of this game - having a fellow player set the offer is much more interesting than some AI you've not met before. I can see some serious mind games being played during a human contestant vs. a human banker.
But the single player mode can get real bland real fast. The prizes your Mii gets just isn't worth the time spent playing, the cut scenes and Howie's remarks repeat over and over again, and the grapics are lacking, even by Wii standards.
Even multi player games can get stale over time.
Truth is, if you're not a fan of the show, there's nothing here that will change your mind.
This game was made for the legions of fans and they should get the game.
The rest of us can skip Deal or no Deal.

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got boring FAST!

posted by scooter478 (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Jan 22, 2009

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after about 15 minutes i was bored with the game. i mailed the game back that same day. very cheesey game formatting and mini games aren't any better. maybe this would be a good kids game but adults will become bored with this title very quickly. do not buy!!!! save your money for a better title.

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This game sucks...

posted by Mandy728 (COLUMBIA, PA) Feb 7, 2009

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I haven't played too many Wii games but out of the ones that I have played this one has to be the absolute worst. I hated it.

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