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Humor saves a mediocre game

posted by Riotcraft (FRIENDSWOOD, TX) Dec 31, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Were it not for the Deadpool laughs to be had throughout the game, this wouldn't even worth picking up in a bargain bin. The gameplay is extremely basic and awkward melee/shooting combat. It feels and even looks like a game that should have come out on the PS2.

However, the game is funny enough to be worth playing all the way through IF you're looking to be entertained by comedy over gameplay.

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deadpool not cool

posted by jasconan (CHICAGO, IL) Dec 29, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

the game is kinda ok but it seems to have you doing a lot of jumping around like a monkee instead of fighting the bad guys and like most games that are like this when you jump you have no control of where you jump or land. Bottom line it seems the game creator was more interested in making a monkee out of you then fighting the villian!!

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Very Good

Merc with a Mouth...

posted by Karasu87 (PITTS, GA) Dec 15, 2013

Member since Dec 2010

As a massive Deadpool fan, who reads the comics all the time, I was ecstatic about this game. Could it have been better? Way better, but for what it is, it pulled it off well. Kinda expected more of Psylocke though, and, well, more of a story. Would have loved a more open world, Arkham-style, and maybe a tad more characters. Deadpool in an open world would be, pretty much, a dream come true. And that difficulty spike towards the end... talk about wanting to stick a katana through the TV...

Nolan North did a fine job as Deadpool, and I did have plenty of laughing out loud moments. Some stuff that was in it came as a surprise, like the second mission. And the graphics aren't the best, but I did enjoy the details of some of the levels. Mainly the Genosha level. The main villain, Mister Sinister was an interesting choice, since they were mainly going for lesser known villains. But the main highlights of the game were Death and Cable (Cable: Totally gonna make that theme of his into my ringtone.) I honestly didn't expect Death, so that can be considered a spoiler, so oops to that. But to be honest, I kinda preferred if they had gone the skeletal route for her, instead of skin.

Gameplay-wise, the controls were spot on. But the camera can get in the way at times. Not sure what I think of the weapons, but I would've liked it better if you could only use Wade's katana's and hand guns. Upgrading only them would've been awesome. And they were zero hidden items around the levels, but one might come across tiny easter eggs. And a lot of the action was kinda repetitive, like killing the SAME enemies that come after you in waves. And would've been nicer to have better upgrade options as well. And the game had a custom soundtrack, that's always a plus. Some nice music for the slaughter. All in all, if you're a Marvel fan or a Deadpool fan, then this is a must play. If not, then you may want to stay away.

Was gonna write this as Wade, but not gonna risk that...

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