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Hack-N-Slashed Right To My Heart

posted by insanetwig (NEW YORK, NY) May 24, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

Should preface this review/score with the fact that I love mindless Hack-N-Slash games.

Now that's out of the way I have to say this game was fantastic. Everything from the story line to the combat system was great.
Let's start with the story line. Deadpool has a very specific style of writing and I have to say this video game nailed what it is like to read the comics in every way. Irreverent humor, breaking the fourth wall, interactions with cable, and Marvel cameo's? It's all there. The best part of a Deadpool story line is that it really doesn't have to make sense, it just has to be funny and engaging, which it is.

The combat system is also a shining gem. It appears the developers wanted to strike a balance for both the casual hack-n-slash player as well as the combo hungry people who love upgrading their weapons/character (I fall somewhere in between). Near the end of the game levels actually become challenging, which is a refreshing change of pace from normal hack-n-slash games where the difficulty stays fairly consistent throughout.

If your looking for a fun and engaging game that doesn't' involve much thought, but is still all the way through look no further.

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comical but sort of lame

posted by whytemic2009 (MESA, AZ) May 12, 2014

Member since Aug 2013

now for the ones who gave this game a 9 or even a 7 needs a little gaming expierence yes the game is comically good but the graphics and the movement felt like I was playing playstation 2 now it is worth a finish because I rented it but for my choice in a quality game not quite there needs some work and especially coming from a major gaming corporation like activision I expect more I will give this game a 5 for ooooook

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Very Good

Fun and funny but way too short

posted by Leadspitndragon (FAIRFAX, VA) Apr 23, 2014

Member since Sep 2012

The comedy is great though not for anyone under 12-14. The marvel cameos are done with both respect and a good dose of humor. Only complaint is that the campaign feels very short. It's a fun ride while it lasts but kinda left me feeling like it could of had about twice the length. I would love to see a sequel with a longer plot.

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