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this game is so bad

posted by gatorchron (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 21, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

I hate this game because the story was boring and the gameplay and graphics was so ugly I play about 10 mins of this game can't handle it because was so bad and the aiming was horrible if you going to rent this game don't it's not worth your time even don't buy this game either.

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Way More Flawed Than It Needs To Be

posted by Imhotepsson (BATON ROUGE, LA) Apr 21, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

The story is OK (Even though it blatantly copies off of Twin Peaks & other David Lynch works), the gameplay isn't annoying (Until you face bosses, then it becomes f'n unbearable) & the graphics are downright awful. It looks like it's more of an HD Port of a PS2 game rather than a game on the PS3. Did I mention that this game was originally made in 2010? There's no excuse for graphics as bad as this, this deep into the 7th generation.

However, the characters are good, the world is realistic (Or at least, somewhat realistic, you'll see what I mean), & I like how you have to make sure that York eats, sleeps, & takes care of his physical appearence.

All in all, you'd be better off watching a walkthrough of this instead or playing it.

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An unforgettable experience if nothing else.

posted by capthavic (ATHOL, MA) Feb 10, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

As you can tell from the other reviews this is a very "love it or hate it" kind of game. Overall I enjoyed it but maybe because I'm the kind of person who can find entertainment in things that are...less than great.

By all conventional definitions, yes, this game is bad, really bad. It looks like an old Dreamcast game, the audio quality is all over the place, the controls are clunky and stiff, etc. In fact its so bad that I was half convinced that that was all intentional. And thats what made this game enjoyable for me and my roomate who watched me play the entire game, just the constant hilarious "what the f-?" moments that this game provides. The story was decent enough to keep me interested and the gameplay wasn't too bad until the final boss which was made difficult only because of quick time events and awkward controls.

While I can't really blame people for giving up on it quickly, I do feel that they are missing out. If you are at all interested then by all means give it a shot, if you give it the time you'll certainly have an interesting ride.

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