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Very Good

Please play this game

posted by hoodoo (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Feb 16, 2009

Member since Dec 2005

In Deadly Creatures you play alternating chapters as either a Tarantula or Scorpion. Each "character" has their own specific abilities and techniques that allow them to navigate the desert in different ways. The game does have a story to be told and it is done very well by the only two humans that you will encounter. You are just observing their story from the perspective of one of the deadly creatures.

The Wii needs more titles like this one. It is a very well polished game that deserves some attention. The best way to describe this game is like playing a Discovery channel special on Deadly Creatures. There is something very satisfying about stealth pouncing a Mantis as a Tarantula. The character animation is stellar. It is obvious that time was taken to immerse you in this world of "hunt or be hunted".

My recommendation is to play this game. I am not sure I would pay $50 for the experience but I would definitely put it up as one of my favorite Wii titles. Get the word out and maybe we will see a sequel.

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Quick and Painless

posted by EclipseGry (SANTA ROSA, CA) Feb 14, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

Deadly Creatures is nothing short of a fun game. This one-of-a-kind title would stand out on the Xbox 360 or the PS3, but even more so on the action game starved Wii.

The player takes the role of both a fierce scorpion and an agile tarantula, braving the wilds of deserts of the American Midwest. The levels in the game are designed to fit both creature's playing styles - the tarantula can climb on ceilings and use webs to reach new locations, while the tarantula uses brute force to claw through rock and grass.

When it comes to battling the other creatures of the desert - hawk wasps, bombardier beetles, rats, etc - both creatures must approach their prey differently. The tarantula is quick and agile while the scorpion is strong and brutal. As the game is rated "T" there is no blood to speak of, but there are artistic splashes of yellow when a bug of some sort is inured, or red when it is a snake, rat or human.

There is a background story which the scorpion and tarantula weave in and out of about two unscrupulous humans searching for treasure which works surprisingly well.

The levels switch between the scorpion and the tarantula the entire length of the game, which for me lasted a little over six hours. They were a very fun six hours, however. I barely knew that the time was flying by because I was so enraptured by the beautiful and intriguing level designs, and the overall atmosphere and great visuals of the game.

The game does have it's faults, unfortunately. The camera is not user controlled and sometimes became "stuck" when it needed to follow. As beautiful as the levels were, the presence of "invisible walls" preventing movement were quite annoying. Sometimes it wasn't even invisible, but just a hovering black fog saying "you're not supposed to go here". There is also the fact that I was able to play through the game so quickly, but I can understand it in context with the story. The desire for more time within the game is a testament to how much fun it is.

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posted by yoba333 (LAWTON, OK) Feb 12, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

This game is okay. Just okay. I mean I don't really like games like this but the only thing you do is walk around and kill things. I mean once every level you get to kill a boss but it is pretty much the same thing going on all the time. I got this game today and I plan on sending it back tomorrow. Not fun. I don't know how in the world people gave this a perfect 10.

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