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Dead to Rights: Retribution


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GF Rating


Not too bad.

posted by Aronsky (SAN MARCOS, CA) May 31, 2010

Member since Aug 2008

I thought this game was alright, though there were some things that made me a little annoyed. One was magically losing your weapons before a boss fight. Then there are parts where you are focused on guys in front and then a door to your side will open and poor out guys that take you down pretty quick. One specific example is when you move into a building and then suddenly a door in front and to your right opens up, both with turrets. Then there are the snipers, if they don't kill you in a second when you run around a corner, they will kill you when you are rushed by soldiers who force you out of cover. I think my only other issue was just the grenades. They make beeping noises to tell you where they are but they are still really hard to avoid because you can't see them.

Other than that I thought the game was just fine. A nice easy 1000 achievement points and a fun game. The execution attacks are pretty cool and disposing of a couple tough enemies in seconds by throwing them off a ledge never gets old. I think anyone who plays will really enjoy level 8 and you'll see why when you play it. Would have liked to play as the dog a bit more though because he is one tough pup. Might even name my next dog Shadow.

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360 title, original xbox feel

posted by jdizzle23 (Cottonwood, CA) May 31, 2010

Member since Mar 2004

First off I would like to say this game was neither good or bad, it had some cool aspects to it but fell short overall. Being able to use Shadow was nice and the avatar rewards are pretty cool, considering that each avatar reward would run 80 to 160 microsoft points apiece, but that pretty much is all the value of the game.
It feels and looks like a original xbox title, the A.I. is ridiculously stupid and the enemies are the same throughout. They try for shock value in the consistent use of the f-bomb and miss the mark completely, it actually got comicly annoying.
Worth a quick rent and play to snag the avatar rewards and some simple achievement points, but namco needs to do a graphics and A.I. overhaul to this series if they want people to come back.

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posted by jimmyk (BLESSING, TX) May 28, 2010

Member since Nov 2008

Couldn't get past the first act. Not much interested in playing a dog.

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