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Also on:Xbox 360
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Above Average

not bad but not great

posted by XxToboexX (MIDLAND, TX) May 25, 2010

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Its exactly like how the video game magazines and other gaming sites say its just like any other shooter, if you have played the vary first dead to rights that came for the ps2 and the original x box and remember the story and how the game play was well for gt about it because this dead to rights has a completely different story line and game play. Its still the same person jack slate and shadow but its a different story line. The game play is cool could be better considering the fact of how long we DTR fans have been waiting for a next gen DTR. You can still disarm, fight hand to hand, slow time but you cant dive and shoot anymore in fact you cant jump at all, But it is true that it wasn't the slow motion stuff that DTR so popular it was the CQC and the disarming. The slow motion just added a little more style to the gun play. Overall its not a bad game at most id put out 30 bucks for it but it could have been better. The story line is pretty simple as always vengeance. There you go if you want to know more well then rent it and see for yourself.

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Same old rogue cop story

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Apr 27, 2010

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Namco's new third person shooter, "Dead to Rights: Retribution", is new only in the sense that it's a new title being released. This is the third in the franchise of Grant City cop Jack Slate and his faithful (and lethal) canine sidekick, Shadow. This game is being called a reboot of the series, but the only new is the system it's being played on. The story is familiar- Grant City is being menaced by criminal elements, the GCPD are ineffective in fighting against the criminals, and Jack Slate steps in to save the day by going on a one man killing spree. The game does offer some varied combat, with Slate being able to take out the baddies with various combos or with firearms. Melee combat controls well, but shooting can be a bit erratic due to some poor controls. Of course when Jack has Shadow with him you can always let your pooch tear out your enemy's throat, or you can go for something a little farther south on the body (You actually get a trophy for this. I'm not kidding.). Shadow controls decently until you try to look around, and then poor controls can make it difficult to get your bearings. Graphics are not horrible (though there are some clumsy animations) but they're nothing to write home about, either. Also this is short game, no more than an afternoon or two (if you want to stretch it out) at best. It's not the worst game out there, but there are just too many quality titles that are more deserving of your hard earned dollar than this one. This is a rental only.

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Big Disappointment

posted by Keviathan (FLINT, MI) Apr 28, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

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When I got this game I was really excited for what it could have been but it has obviously let me down. This game is average at best. First off the graphics are okay but when you compare it to games like Uncharted 2 or FFXIII it fails in that comparison. Not that they were trying to be like these games but they could of taken a few tips! I've also noticed some major lag time and a minor glitch (twice); I kicked a guy and he just disappeared into thin air. This game also lacks that smoothness in its hand-to-hand combat and the gun play is unsatisfying. Shooting is similar to Gears of War but of course is not as good.

I enjoyed being able to play as Shadow doing stealth missions and tearing up bad guys (Scrotality!). It is similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum in a way, enemies are initially blue, orange when they investigate, and become red when they alerted of your presence. The only thing that I didn't like was that when you drag enemies bodies away they flop around like rag dolls and it certainly takes away from the experience.

All in all, if you're looking for another mediocre title then look no further.

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