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not exactly paradise..

posted by MadMat07 (EL PASO, TX) Apr 6, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

13 out of 15 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

Where to start...well ill start by saying that this isnt really THAT bad of a game but it isnt the best psp game ive played also.

In the game you'll start you off by picking one of ten women with different height/weight, measurements, nationality.

Then after your selection you'll enter the paradise that is Zack's Island! complete with women, mini games, photo shoots, present sharing and a casino!

Might sound pretty fun so far right! yeeah not really... the mini games which are: beach volley ball,pole hopping, photo shoots, [in the day to evening time]

and then at night time there's a casino where you can play: poker,black jack,aaaand slots.

whats soo bad about that? well nothing,if you like repetitive back and forth chore like games! Finish the day by doing the list of things to do,get some sleep, then day 2-3-4-5 go back and do it all over again.&.again.&.again..

but you will enjoy them at first, especially [in my opinion] the pole hopping.
which is jumping from one side of a swimming pole to the other by hitting the buttons on the pads you jump on, get the buttons on pads right, and earn more points/money.

the rest of the games are pretty basic and somewhat fun,
but as for the photo shoots..

will make you feel awkward after a while.., watching the DOA girl explore around, climbing trees,
swimming under water, taking showers [no with her bathing suit on]

while you take pictures of her in every dirty angle you can think of
to get that perfect PSP wallpaper shot. Yeah, sooo try not getting caught playing that part.

My Verdict
with decent graphics,fun at first then repetitive gameplay, little to do, its a rent not buy.

You'll Like: ten half naked women!

games,photo shoots,casino! boobs!

You can play the PSP one handed!

You'll Dislike:games,photo shoots,casino....over the top bouncing boobs

sending a present and then having it sadly returned

playing around people/public [dont know why you would]

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GF Rating


Very Disapointing.

posted by Harlyquinn (GODFREY, IL) Sep 22, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

The game was short, and boring. The mini-games were deplorable! this is the worst game I've played in a looooong time. Bravo on that one. All in all I would not buy this game, I would not even rent this game again.

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Don't let your friends dare you...

posted by ZeroKaid (AURORA, CO) Apr 7, 2010

Member since Apr 2008

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game is a lot worse then I expected. The mini-games are all kind of clunky and can be downright annoying to play because your character isn't always responsive to the controls. Volleyball is one of the harder games to play because the AI teammate that you partnered up with sometimes doesn't even move. Pool-hopping can be fun but once again the controls get in the way... I tapped the triangle button once and saw my person jump 3 spaces for no reason. The only real fun I had in this game was the casino and I could find a free online game that does it better. Last problem I had with the game was the boob-bouncing it was way over the top and was odd to look at. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone over the age of 16 because no one except the immature are gonna get a kick out of it.

At the very most I would rent it but buying it is a waste of money. Its extremely repetitive and has no real value in keeping it for more then a day or two.

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