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Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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Definitely Worth Checking Out

posted by Francision (SANTA ANA, CA) Jul 17, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Dead or Alive Dimensions on the 3DS is one of the prettiest titles on the system yet. If you're familiar with DOA, there's pretty much nothing to explain then. The game is straight forward fighting action with a punch, kick, block/hold and throw button. Gameplay feels very easy since anyone can button mash but it goes pretty deep if you like analyzing in-depth details like frames/counter holds. There's quite a few modes here such as Survival, Tag Challenge, Training, Photo Album/Figurine collection, Arcade, Online/Local battles and the all new Chronicle mode which is basically the story mode of the game that chronicles the past DOA titles to fix up some unexplained stuff. But I have to say, the story is pretty bad. Nothing interesting and it doesn't really make much sense, not to mention the voice acting is quite horrible. All the characters from the past titles are included in this title making this the biggest roster in a DOA game to date. 3D effects are very nice and give you a sense of depth in the arenas and there's some pop-up effects that will wow you. Sad thing is, the framerate takes a little dip when you switch the 3D slider on but it isn't that much of a deal breaker. All in all, DOAD is a very entertaining fighting game that will satisfy any fighting fan on the 3DS.

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posted by lilray345 (LAKE STATION, IN) Feb 20, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

I thought this game really wasn't that great.
None of the characters were any good i give this game a thumbs down.

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Very Good

For once a story

posted by xScareCrow (ELLERBE, NC) Dec 10, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

the past DOA games always lacked story while this may not give you a insanely short story mode for each character(like the previous games) it gives you Story Mode that explains things much better at what is going on other than the previous titles and if you never played the older ones this game makes up for that. Its not the perfect game ever but what is. Its a darn good fighting game and thats what you will be doing most of the time. One thing i will say for sure is the DLC is lame and should have been packed with the game I could not get all the dlc due to the game would not update despite getting notifications about the updates being available.

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