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posted by DakotaCulp (BUXTON, ME) Jan 20, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

I love the DOA games, and this title has ALMOST all of what you would expect. This game has been out for years, and the first time as of late i put it in my system, I find myself surprised that there isn't even one update. I am hoping that they took all the time spent neglecting this game, and used it on DOA 5. Only time will tell.

As others have stated, the AI is particularly hard core, even on normal. They will fight for there life, also the controls are extremely touchy making it more difficult to preform the advanced moves of each character.

All in all i give this a 4 out of 10 for just being unfinished. A trend that many developers are using to bury themselves. At least the cinematics are beautiful.

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Very Good

Dead or Alive 4. Challenging game

posted by ReviewerZ (LIVINGSTON, NJ) Apr 23, 2012

Member since Aug 2010

Dead or Alive 4 for the Xbox 360. Now, I grew up playing Dead or Alive for the PS1 and I loved it, but this game on the other hand is completely different from other Dead or Alive games. The characters moves have been updated, the counter system has been tightened and the AI is harder. However, that is not a bad thing though. The stages, the characters, the movelist and the soundtrack keeps the pulsepounding feeling and challenge alive. Dead or Alive is a great series, and this console title simply tries to say "Even though this game is challenge, let see if I can beat this game." Good game. Oh, and when you see the "Congratulation for the Xbox 360" on the wrestling stage. That simply reminds us of the Xbox Live menu.

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Alittle late to the Party

posted by STB123 (KALAMAZOO, MI) Apr 20, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

Ok so this is an older game and Im late for the update. But DOA is a series that I've kept up with for a while, and I must say: I am better than you (no offence)

First Off: Gameplay 8/10

I havent agreed with Team Ninja for changing the counter system from DOA Ultimate, but to each their own. The computer can be frustrating and can really make you mad, but if you know what your doing then it wont be too much of a problem. The end boss in the story is terrible though. 2 combo hits or throws from her and your probably dead. The feel for the game and the stages are great though, and you can really be tested with how much you pay attention durring the game. Button mashing may work for some, but those who know what they are doing will beat them every time.

Next: Storyline 5/10

DOA hasnt ever been much with a story. Its your typical DOA storyline. Each character has their own (except some of the unlockable characters), some are wierd, some are kinda cool, some are boring.

Testing..1,2: Sound 7/10

The music is always for combat and is fun, and quick paced. They kept most of the music from previous DOA games, so theres not much new about it. The voice-overs are in Japanesse (no idea how to spell that sorry) but they have subtitles, but none of the lines are actually important. Grunts and "Whattaaas" all inhance the game's feel. Pretty much good sound..ness.

Overall: 7/10

Its a DOA game. If you know them and like them, you'll like this one. You probably will be yelling at your tv now and then, but you'll like it. Its nothing new, with a few improvments. For those who are new to the game: its a great fighting game thats worth the try if your into fighting games. And of course there are women in...small outfits and big...uhh chests. So take a cold shower after playing.

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