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If you liked any other DOA game...

posted by depeche818 (VALLEY VILLAGE, CA) Apr 25, 2006

Member since May 2004

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

You'll love this one. The characters have a lot of polish, and the animation is quite fluid. The scenery is wonderful, and the colors are bright. The game play is as it ever was, punch, kick, grab, block. It really is more of the same. The story lines haven't gotten any better, and some are just crazy...There's one that is very "Indiana Jones"-esque, and another that is reminiscent of Jurassic Park...

Definitely shows of the power of the XBox360, but, as with most other "Next-Generation" games, it's pretty to look at, but there is nothing special to differentiate it from other games of many years past.

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Practice makes prefect.

posted by duke25 (TULSA, OK) Jan 30, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Dead of Alive 4 is one of the most under appreciated games on the 360 mainly because of the difficulty to defeat opponents online and off. The games single player is pretty much dull. You choose a character and play 8 fights and every couple of fights or so there will be a cut scene that is like 20 seconds long. Once you complete the 8 fights you will unlock a new costume for that character. Theres your singleplayer... you can play as a different character but its still the same thing with a couple new cutscenes.

Other game modes in Dead or Alive 4 include Time Attack which is a lot like singleplayer but theres not cutscenes and your being timed until you beat all 8 fights, Survival where you select a character and fight another character once you defeat that character another jumps in and this process repeats until 100 rounds however if you die the game ends so you pretty much see how many rounds you can survive.

The multiplayer in Dead or Alive can be very frustrating at first but once you get the hang of things it can be very fun. The first time you try to play multiplayer you will be prompted to choose an avatar. The avatar will be used when you enter a game lobby. The game lobby is a lobby (of course) of which you can have your avatar run around in with the other players your in the game with until the game starts or if you want to go get a drink while the other players play you can exit to the lobby and watch the fight from a TV that is in the lobby.

Overall Dead or Alive 4 is a great fighting game with fun waiting to be had if only the player can stand losing a round or two.


Graphics 9/10

Gameplay 8/10

Sound 7/10

Difficulty Hard

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GF Rating

Very Good

DOA4 IS Beautiful and fats, however...

posted by Halo360 (WINCHENDON, MA) Apr 14, 2006

Member since Jun 2004

12 out of 21 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

DOA4 is a GREAT fighting game if you've never played any DOA4 game your in for a great game, however the game's story mode is short. This makes the story weak and the repeat final boss is tough. once you beat it you have to repeat the story over and over to unlock items which gets repetative and old quick. This game offer a great ONLINE experience and the lobbys are fully customizeable for each person. You make and avitar to represent your style (an aligator, a ninja, a human, many to pick very fun0, along with room types (a swamo, a flower garden, underwater very funny). The online is very fun as you can join a game lobby and play around while waiting to fight talking to everyone in there and watch the fight as its happenining in lobby on a small tv in game or watch it on your tv. You can do tag matches, kumite, 1 on 1 there are alot of modes, the bad is if you joined a room with anyone that has a poor conection the whole room suffers which make bad lag and impossible to play, which is bad, its not alot but there are some matches that are affected. the game offers alot to work with in single player timed games, tag matches, survival etc. this game is an EXCELLENT fighter just gave it a 8 due to repeat story playthrough to earn money and costumes but onlines where it;s at. The graphics are beautiful and jaw dropping, and incredably fast and smooth, the best fighting game ever made

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