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Great Game Some Problems

posted by Nick123321 (CHARLTON, MA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

16 out of 21 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Dead Or Alive 4 made by team ninja is a pretty good game. There are lots of characters and each have a great fighting style, there are combos that you can learn that will send your foes a' cryin'. However there is a hard to master counter move. In my opinion this ruins the game, people master counter attacks and you will lose every time. In xbox live when you win you earn credits, these can be spent at Zach's Shop, where you can buy Lobbys, Avatars, Costumes, and items to add on your avatar. This is a great game but its not a buy.

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People just don't like it because they suck.

posted by vgmkyle (SAINT HELENS, OR) Sep 9, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

DOA has always been a great fighting franchise that always seems to change with the times with every installment,without losing anything players loved about the previous entry's to Tecmo's Life Saver.Though you may not see it at first DOA 4 improves on DOA Ultimate in every way possible,other than number of costumes,and if you are a devote to the series,you have to own this game.People who are not fighting fanatics are probably going to get there butt handed to them,but will eventually learn the ropes if they just keep trying.Anyone who can will probably agree with me that DOA 4 is one of the better fighters created in recent years.

A great story is to be found,but its hard to understand if you have not finished getting through the other ones. It has a lot to do with Helena,the new chairmen of DOATEC(Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Comittee)who has lost both of her parents to the planning of Victor Donavon.The Ninjas of DOA are off to destroy the DOATEC,which somewhat ruined there lives but only find a little surprise when they get there.A clone of Kasumi's DNA,Alpha-152 one of the hardest bosses in DOA history.

You are also given a huge roster of characters to choose.From the red-haired beauty Kasumi,to the insane Ayane,who will kill anything that gets in her way.A few new characters are also thrown in.Kokoro,a Geisha in training,and Eliot,a young meterosexual under the influence of Genfu.And we can't forget Spartan-458,who is actually a martian named Nicole.She has no real purpose of the game,but fighting as a Spartan is fun,and everyone has to love her Plasma Grenade throw!

Dead or Alive has always been about fighting with your brain,and not so much as brute strength.Every character has a great list of moves and counters you will need to learn to fully appreciate them.Though if there is something wrong with the game play it is the counter system.Its a lot harder to pull off a counter in this game rather then the others,and there a lot weaker to make m

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More of the same, but prettier

posted by y2mckay (MENLO PARK, CA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Mar 2003

6 out of 9 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Okay, so this is basically DOA 3 with vastly upgraded graphics, and a few new Characters and settings and moves. But it's basically just DOA. Where the game really excels is the graphics on the stages themselves. Water effects, reflections, lighting and textures are all superb. In fact, in one stage where the characters fell off a wooden suspension bridge and into the water, the water looked so realistic that the characters looked like animations dropped into a live-action setting. A very very pretty game.

Oh, and the DOA "Jiggle Engine" is in full swing too, of course (You fellas know what I mean). But as usual with the DOA games, I can only play for about half an hour or so before Boredom sets in. Probably worth buying when it hits the bargain bin, just to have a good-looking fighter game in the library, but nothing I'd pay full price for.

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