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posted by adam2300 (HARMON, IL) Oct 22, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

awesome game amazing graphics very intense and scary

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Best Survival Horror Since Resident Evil 1

posted by marvelous1 (CHARLOTTE, NC) Oct 22, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

Ok, besides Silent Hill 1, there hasn't been a game that has really been "scary"...this game will have you paranoid with every step you make. If you have surround sound, you will be in for an even bigger treat. You will hear random screams, footsteps, cries for help, canisters and shelves falling, while trying to find your way in a pitch black room. It gives gamers a challenge without being impossible to progress...just incase, they're plenty of save spots, which I recommend you take advantage of...from the combat to the storyline, this game blew past my expectations!!!Don't rent it, buy it.

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Wet your pant's with excitment and fear.

posted by Mailman (DUNKIRK, MD) Oct 22, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

This game is very nice and has very good gameplay. The story is etchy at first but it will eventualy become clear(like any other horror game). If you loved Resident Evil 4, you will find this game to be a good substitute.

The enviroment is covered in blood(perfect!). It makes the game creapyer. There are also places on the ship where there is no gravity which makes for fun times.

The gameplay works like this: Each gun you buy has different aiming lazzers. An exception for one gun, these lasers are actualy the range of your weapons attack, so any part of the alien/zombie that is infront of this lazzer will get hit (unless they move out of the way and your "bullet" dosent go very fast like the pistle).

The enemies in the game require you to shoot their limbs off.Some require different limbs shot off but i'm not going to ruin it for you by going into detail. Find it out yourself. As you progress in the game you will encounter different types of alien/zombies. This will make it so you arn't fighting the same thing over and over again. So the game alway's has some challange.

When you start a game you can choose 3 difficulty's(do I realy need to tell you what they are). Once you beat a game you can unlock stuff like new clothing for your character.

Now for some negative info. For starters, one thing that you will recognize is that you can't take any objects with you(creats, explosive containers, boxes, ect) when you enter an elivator which realy isn't that bad. The last negative thing that I can tell you is that it gets kind of booring just going one place to the other(just the concept, this never realy effected the game play to much). But I must say that these negatives are really, really small. But even though they where small I had to take off a point.

In conclusion, I would say that you HAVE TO PLAY THIS. You will wish that it didn't end in 12 hours. But with the unlockables you will be playing longer then that.

Have a fun and scary time.

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