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Creepy, has shock value, gore

posted by peppers (APOPKA, FL) Mar 15, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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I love this game. I rented it but had to click on Keep. I agree with another reviewer in that this game is a combination of Bioshock (you learn the story of the abandoned spaceship as you go along by picking up audio logs and video logs, you can create many save points, use telekinesis) and Resident Evil (creepy creatures, dark environment), but it presents more surprises. These mutated somewhat-humanlike (?) creatures like to jump out of vents above you, behind you, etc. The best way to take em out is to sever their limbs with your plasma cutter. It's like a laser gun type of deal that fires light/heat at the creatures. You get this ability called stasis which puts them into slow-mo so you can take on more at once if need be. I am pleased that stasis is not in abundance, so people can't cheat their way through the game with it. There are stasis charging stations strategically placed along the way though so you're never in a scenario where stasis is required but unavailable. Other weapons are available such as pulse rifle, line gun (bigger plasma cutter), flamethrower (I use for little skittery things), etc. You pass by some "stores" you can buy weapons/supplies at. You can also upgrade weapons, suit & abilities. Some areas are zero gravity and you have to fly through space to get through. If you are in "a vacuum" you also have an oxygen timer; it adds challenge to get through on time (you can pick up or buy extra oxygen, and there are some oxygen recharge stations too). This is not a run through game - take your time & look around, things will jump you at unexpected times. There are little puzzles here & there to solve.

Goals: Repair ship, look for lost girlfriend, find out what happened/killed crew.

Cons: My guy is a little hunched over. No big deal; I guess it's his heavy spacesuit. Sometimes hard to aim at landing spots in zero gravity but you get the hang of it, and it allows you to start over nearby. 3d map sometimes hard to read.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good clean fun... well, not exactly clean.

posted by chirs3 (OGDEN, UT) Dec 17, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

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Dead Space borrows a great deal from other Survival Horror/Action games, but has the good sense to do all those things really really well. It's polished and refined to a ridiculous degree - if it's possible for a game to not be the best but to be the best made, this is it. The entire package is super slick.

My one gripe would be it runs on a little too long - it took me 8 hours and change to beat it, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first 7. It kind of runs out of steam towards the end.

Still, if you're a fan of shooters and horror games, there's no excuse to pass this up. It's fun, it's creepy, its production values are sky high, and while some aspects of it are familiar, they're done well enough to still be enjoyable.

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GF Rating


Definetly doing horror games right

posted by Shadow051 (MEADVIEW, AZ) Mar 23, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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Great game. Has na intresting story that keeps you busy from beginning to end. Although they make it a trend to have somethiing bad happen everytime you actually get somewhere so you'll begin to no longer get the satisfaction of completion as they counter it almost everytime.

The action is pretty awesome as the controls have a slight learning curve but once you get passed you'll realize that its a great control scheme.

The graphics are very nice from the blood to the flailing limbs.

The scare factor is pretty good. i had jumped out of my seat a few times.

The upgrades and variety of weapons is nice as all the weapons have there use and none feel not needed.

I felt that the game was a little lengthy for me but it only took me 8 hours to beat. with over half the achievments. and i dont really care for having a silent protagonist but besides that a great game.

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