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Great take on the survival horror genre

posted by jebusnixon (FOUNTAIN, CO) Oct 17, 2008

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When I hear survival-horror used to describe a game I think Resident Evil or possibly Silent Hill; from now on I'm holding up Dead Space as the standard for the genre. this is the first game where I have not been bored with the actual game play, even RE4 was a slow walk through a mostly well lit area where bad guys would occasionally attack you; there were a few "scare moments" but over all it was just stress caused by overwhelming numbers or insanely huge monsters. In Dead Space you never know when a creature will crawl, or jump, out at you. There are plenty of times where a creature has been in the hall in front of me only to jump through a vent rather than attack; instances like this make it necessary to be sure before wasting ammo on a non attacking creature.

Another aspect of Dead Space that separates it from the rest is the real-time management of logs, the map, and your inventory. In other games going into a menu stops combat and allows you time to breath, not so in this game. You may be ambushed at any time during game play, which adds to the level of fear in the game. Strategic dismemberment is also a great game play mechanic; you must blow off the limbs of your attackers to stop them; and when the developers say that taking off a creature's head only makes them mad... well they really mean it.

The graphics are superb and I have not experienced any major drop in quality as I have in other current-gen consoles. The sound is a step above the rest with the game sensing how close you are to danger and acting accordingly to give the right feeling. Vacuum is particularly fun because you only hear what is in you helmet; your breathing ad heart beat, monster noises are translated through the suit and sound like they're coming from outside.
One can only hope that this is the first of many games in an ongoing series as the universe seems like it is very detailed.

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Not your average Survival Horror

posted by indyfan (LAS CRUCES, NM) Apr 18, 2009

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While Dead Space isn't a haunting game, it somewhat manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. The atmosphere is eerie in the beginning, you'll hear whispers down dark hallways, the lights will flicker on and off, and you'll listen to the occasional shuffle of monsters climbing through the vents. The best part about the game is thinking "Wow, I'm alone.", the ship will seem completely empty sometimes, till something bursts through a vent and tries to violate your face. In the beginning of the game, you might jump a few times, but soon you'll get use to the monsters popping out. You can even tell sometimes when something is going to leap up from the floor and attack you. Don't expect a super scary game, but it does live up to its violence credit. Expect extremely violent deaths and cut scenes, they are one of the better parts of the game. Each creature has its own finishing move it can do on you (which usually involves tearing your limbs off, Isaac screaming in agony will give you chills).

The battling system is top notch, blowing off limbs really does add an interesting challenge. The 3rd person view works perfect, there are no annoying control problems or anything like that. The weapons are fantastic, each mining tool has a different ability, and each of them is very unique (I liked the ripper). You will have trouble finding ammo in the game, so you will find yourself buying ammo at the store a few times. The armor is upgradeable, adding more items slot and armor each time you upgrade. The stasis system allows you slow down equipment or enemies, giving you time to heal or time to finish off your enemies accurately. Kinesis is also in the game, you'll be able to grab items or launch explosive tanks at enemies.

The game graphics are great, environment and character models are beautifully detailed. Nothing short of what EA can do.

There is alot of backtracking, meaning you'll be running through some of the same areas quite a bit. I didn't find this to be a problem but you might. The game is quite a challenge, it took me a solid 17-20 hours to beat. I did die quite a bit, like I said the game is very challenging, you'll be overwhelmed with enemies numerous times and you'll find yourself low on ammo. The boss battles are pretty easy, which I found confusing, considering how hard the smaller enemies can be sometimes.

There are unlockable outfits you can purchase on xbox live.

I would definitely suggest you rent this game, a must play for any 360 owner.

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An Absolute Must Have Next Gen Classic!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Oct 16, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Apr 2008

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I picked up my copy bright & early today, I came home & put this bad boy on. I’m so blown away, in aw-struck & so by the game as a whole & the graphics are flat out amazing! One of the most beautiful games I’ve seen since last year!

It’s set in real-time environment. The beginning is aw-striking to watch with the start sequence cut scene. After the scene, your ship crashes and it’s up to you & 2 other members of your crew to restore the damaged ship that had carried 1,000 people on the ship you’ve docked. The mechanics to this game are flawless. I played it on Easy & it’s still tough! The atmosphere is haunting & without a doubt one the most frightening games I’ve come across since games as Silent Hill & Fatal Frame.

You play as Isaac, you control your bio-chemical suit & shortly after, you grab your Plasma Cutter. It’s an awesome starter gun! Another added feature I have come to love, is the different “point markers” which somehow trigger of how & where you are suddenly attacked by random creatures.

It’s like Aliens in space in a similar manner, because of the atmosphere and idea that comes off right away into the game, but so much more creative in story,dialog & plot. Your bio-chemical suit is key to staying alive. You have upgrades for your armor including: power nodes for armor,stasis,rig, telekinesis, gun damage, range, & capacity.

You can use 1 Power Node to unlock certain areas marked “Locked” on the door. It’s come in handy when having 1-2 nodes to spare. You can find credits to purchase ammo, upgrades in storage lockers. Lockers are usually found before a save point, before a major creature battle, are also found throughout the game.

The controls take some patience, but once you get the hang of them, it’s smooth from there on out. This game receives my highest rating this far: 10 out of 10. A near perfected creation & development. I highly recommend this game to all gamers! Thank you for reading the review. Enjoy! Happy Gaming!

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