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posted by Jaybird43m (CATAWISSA, PA) Nov 10, 2008

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Well i am not a person that gets into the sci fi games but i gave this one a shot and was very impressed. Graphics were very good. Which is a plus because that is one of my top priorities in games. The story was nothing extravagant but it keeps you interested. There are definitely a bunch of make you jump parts and also very cool backgrounds and noises. The weapons are different but i liked them a lot. Cutting off limbs and stuff is always a plus. Not a fan when you shoot something in the leg and there head flys off so this one is detailed. Once you beat it you can also play through again with everything you collected already so i actually went through this game twice b4 returning it. If you like to shoot things with cool weapons and get a little jump out of it this game is a must.

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Let down

posted by officeninj (GAINESVILLE, FL) Sep 23, 2009

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This game has great graphics, and wonderful atmospherics. When you walk out into a vacuum, clinging to the outside of your ship in zero-G, it really feels like you're about to explode or fly off into nothingness. The gameplay, however, is totally cookie-cutter. Linear missions, collection errands, and a ton of awesome weapons that you can never, ever afford. The immersion takes a bad turn during combat, too; you may not know it, but this monster is only destroyable by flinging red barrels at it. It looks just like the others, but is immune to weapons! I had to look at a walkthrough just to figure out why my weapons work against 99% of the enemies but when confronted with the one PLOT monster, which looks just like all the other generic baddies from The Thing, it is immune to everything except red barrels. Fantastic.
If you're into survival horror and love to ration ammunition, this is for you. Otherwise, don't bother.

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Very Good

dead space. a primer

posted by darthdaddy (BROKEN ARROW, OK) Jan 9, 2009

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If I could give a letter grade to this game it would be a B. I rented this without knowing much about it aside from what friends and coworkers told me. The game itself is an over the shoulder "resident evil 4" esque style shooter where you are sent to some ship for repairs. It doesnt take long before you and your 2 comrades figure out something evil is going on. You spend the bulk of the game communicating with your friends via video monitor, having them tell you to go this room for this keycard, or to hit this switch to open this door. kinda bland objective wise. you do find video and text logs of the crew which are informative and creepy, however the text logs are so small, you have to lean in on your tv to really read them. Through a virtual store you can buy new weapons and items to help you on your quest.By finding power nodes, you can upgrade existing equipment, but 10 hours in i find myself with only 3 which needless to say, didnt do much for my growth. now for the positives, for a dark game, the visuals are amazing and i really like how there are bodies human and non, lying around everywhere. you can even stomp on them. they do a great job of adding depth and weight to the bodies, you can actually see them move as you pass over them get a great sense of what they feel like. at one point, you go outside and its amazing to see and hear zero gravity. it is truely amazing.
all in all dead space is a very cool game which doesnt require much thought or exploring as you have a nifty little device that points you in the right direction, even if you get lost.

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