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posted by glinkavich (DES PLAINES, IL) Oct 23, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

One of the best games ever. Had me tense a few times .

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Two fries short a happy meal.

posted by SayNo2U (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Oct 23, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

Where this game is above and beyond what I was hoping for in terms of game play and story, I'm sure there will be a few people who- if they're lucky- get this game in the mail, very soon, and be a tad disappointed about how Dead Space is not nearly as stunning in the graphics department as are some of the other titles released only a month ago. However, if your willing to accept that this is a game with a few flaws. and just want to see the story through while having a good time, you will not be disappointed.
The best way I could compare this game, or movie for that matter, to any other would be like this: think of Aliens, mixed with the dark edge of Condemned 2: Bloodshot, with a sub-plot into misguided faith like the very first Silent Hill. It's not a pretty sight, but its the kind of game you keep going back to for as long as it takes to uncover every hidden detail.

Aside from graphics being a bit below my expectations my other complaints are as follows; the level design gets a little repetitive( even for a space ship the size of a small city), anti-gravity missions can be confusing, the camera angle is awkward initially, and-this is a personal pet peeve- I can't stand games with none interactive NPC's who appear a majority of the time behind doors you can't open, windows you can't shoot through, etc. Oh yeah... and then silent protagonists. GTA figured out how to do it right and Rock Star SUCKS!

So, the complaints aside it's a fun game and worth the hours you'll inevitably log, friends you will alienate, and girlfriend who will most likely dump you for choosing the game over her.


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GF Rating

Very Good

Dead Space - PS3

posted by Coder4Life (EULESS, TX) Oct 23, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

This game title was surprisingly entertaining. It feels like a cross between Gears of War and F.E.A.R.\Doom melded together. Lighting effects are amazing throughout the game and has some heart-stuttering moments when you least expect it. The musical score moves with the action taking place with some typical horror-movie like music/sounds. The game is 12 Chapters long and every chapter is unique and captivating.

My only issue with Dead Space, is this game title is a single player game only. There's no available co-op or online play whatsoever. EA did a great job on the game, however, in this day and age....if a game title doesn't provide multi-player functionality, it will not be accepted as a next-gen game by the masses.

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