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posted by plankton (COSTA MESA, CA) Oct 26, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

WOW This game brings back the true meaning of survival horror! The eerie music, dead silence and then a whisper = SPOOKY! I had high hopes for this one before it came out and it has not let me down yet! If you like a good third person scare the pants off of you shooter pick this one up!

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Survival-Horror GLORY

posted by wademus (WICHITA, KS) Oct 26, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

This game gives what has been missing from videogames since the first Resident Evil. That insane adrenaline rush you get when monsters pop out of nowhere. Uses the cinematic over the shoulder view like RE4, but improves on the controls, AND you can fire while moving. Made even more realistic by the fact that opening your inventory, or shopping for new guns does not pause the game.

Graphics = 10
Sound/Score = 10
Controls = 10
Playability = 10
Story = 10

The only part that I wouldn't give a ten is the mission setup, I think it would be more entertaining if you had a free roam map, rather than locked doors confining you to the area of the current mission. This can make it seem repetitive at times, but in no way detracts from the game itself.

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Heart stopping fun

posted by CBiscuit (KANSAS CITY, MO) Oct 24, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

I'll keep this simple, dead space is a fantastic game. Everything is done well and I actually have no real complaints, other than it would be nice if you could reload and run at the same time.

Graphically it's top notch. You can see every drop of blood and gore as it flies from the severed limbs of the necromorphs.

The sound may actually be the best part of this game. The music sets up the tense atmosphere perfectly, and the grinding of your saw on bone is extremely satisfying.

There are all kinds of great weapons. Everything from a energy beam that vaporizes your foes, to a buzz saw with floating blades to, an electric plasma beam shooter. All have their strengths but you will probably just use the one you have the most ammo for.

One interesting thing about the game is that their aren't any cut scenes. Even when you bring up your map and inventory they are free floating screens in front of your character, better hope you're not attacked when you're trying to figure out where you are! This may seem a little strange but it is an interesting way to make you feel immersed in the gameplay.

The one thing dead space delivers is atmosphere, the lighting, the music, the blood smeared wall, the severed limbs that float so ominously in the zero gravity sequences, all come together to make a terrifying experience. This is definitely one worth buying

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