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Definitely A Sleeper Hit

posted by Liquidswar (BROOMFIELD, CO) Oct 16, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

72 out of 79 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Strap on your diapers boys and girls and place the doctor on speed dial, because this game is frightening. I usually save my hard earned cash for buying only big name games, but after hearing rave reviews about this game, I decided to take a chance. Well, I'm happy with every penny I spent. Dead Space is like playing a Doom/Bioshock mix. The sounds and frightfest is on par with Doom and the story, graphics, and sense of solitude are on par with Bioshock. The most impressive part of this game is the atmosphere. The lighting, shadows, and fog create and film like realism. The sound is also extremely well placed -- having surround sound is great, but can be a bit too much for the nerves at times. No game is perfect, but this game does a pretty good job for it's first time around.

I played it through on normal and hard. Normal was a tad too easy to be normal, so I recommend playing it on hard to get the full dose of scare.

Pros: Amazing graphics and atmosphere. Nerve-Hacking sound. Great Story. Extremely gory. Fun in-game interfaces. Just plain fun to play.

Cons: Besides the fact that Normal is too easy, I'd sound like a spoiled brat if I tried to find something wrong with it. I'm just to scared to say anything bad this time around. "They're watching." (You'll get my corny joke later :P )

Good luck.

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Only the dead come out alive

posted by SkinnyJr (DEERFIELD, IL) Oct 17, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

67 out of 74 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Im not big on horror titles but this game has changed that. I never played silent hill or resident evil 4 because, well, I dont like getting scared. This game scares you in so many other ways than just having a loud noise and a monster jump out at you. The lighting is excellent- creating a very tense atmosphere. The ventilation system in the game runs throughout the entire ship allowing you to hear the 'pitter-patter' of the enemy moving along in the walls and ceiling. Dismemberment works sensationally. Every shadow is spine tingling, every corner holds something new, and every sound will have your trigger finger ready. The lack of a HUD immerses you in the game in a way I have never experienced. Dead Space IS an experience. Serious GOTY potential.

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GF Rating


A game definately worth playing

posted by Sertasheep (LEXINGTON, KY) Oct 27, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

25 out of 27 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

Great game. A polished space translation of Resident Evil 4 style gameplay. Very well executed. The story in-game is a bit lackluster, but well developed outside. 9/10

Live "cut scenes" help make you feel your there. Integrated HUD and menu means your never out of the game. You can be buying a new upgrade, looking at your map, or reading a log and suddenly get attacked. You're never safe. The controls are solid. Isaac, the protagonist, feels very powerful and capable, which admittedly takes away some of the scare-factor, but for weenies like me, that's good. Something creeped you out? Just stomp on the limbs and watch it fly off, you will feel much better. Game length is long and satisfying. Last two levels seem a little subpar compared to the ones before it (perhaps due to story - see below).

For those that are Metal Gear Solid fans, remember the room leading up to grey fox and the feeling it gave you? This is that magnified 10x. They did very well in setting up the atmosphere, especially if your a hardcore sci-fi space fan (which I'm not so that detracted me a bit). I still find abandoned hospitals, sleepy little remote spanish villages, and meat factories (on earth) scarier. Physics is slightly off for some of the bodies hanging (impaled); their legs fly off but the main body never moves when smacked. Dead bodies in general feel light and weightless.

Very eerie and creepy. Crawling sounds in the vents, pipes dropping somewhere, whisperings, computer voice mumbling or sometimes singing(!).

Ending is cliche and they don't tie up loose ends. I guess they will make a sequel. In the Story department, I wish they veered off the beaten path of ALL standard horror. It gets old when you precisely KNOW when character will die. Story has too many things going on and too many subplots that doesn't tie together. Many things unexplained. They did well creating the "Dead Space" universe though. We'll see more I'm sure.

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