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Not quite as good as Dead Space

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 20, 2009

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When Dead Space came out for the PS3/360/PC, it was hailed as a smash hit. But it was too sophisticated for the Wii.
To remedy that problem, the makers of Dead Space came up with a prequel exclusively for the Wii, Dead Space: Extraction
Here, you get a "guided tour" (it's a rail shooter, guys) and an explaination as to what happened to the crew on board the ship before Issac Clark and Company arrive in Dead Space. It is told through four characters and ten chapters.
Here's the first problem I have; I like Dead Space because the story was more cohesive; you follow one character through a creepy ship to find out what goes wrong.
Here, you jump from one character to the next, breaking up the plot into too many fragments. At about the halfway point, I just gave up on the storyline and just concentrated on blasting the bad guys (er, aliens or whatever they are.)
Which brings to the best part of this game; blasting the limbs off these creatures with several different weapons is a real thrill.
That is if you can find the weapons and items hidden throughout the game. In a first person shooter, you just have to walk up to the items and pick them up. Here, you have to spot the items when they appear on camera. Then, you hit them (with your weapon or TK power or both) There are times when I just wanted the camera to pan left or right so I can get some goodies. And there are other times I wanted the camera to stop moving around so much.
This game includes a comic that tries to explain the story for those of us who didn't play Dead Space (but fails in my opinion), and a batch of mini games where you blast the bad guys (Why must they put mini games in Wii games?)
And the TK powers are there mostly to grab stuff; the puzzles are lacking in originality.
Still, this game has a great look and it's a lot of fun to play. Dead Space: Extraction is worth a rent for sure, and I think some of you will end up buying it.

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