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On Rails

posted by dgolightly519 (PRESTON, ID) Feb 26, 2012

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If the title of this bothers you, good for you. Do not rate badly simply because YOU don't like the format. Games should be rated based on criteria, not on what type of game they are. This one should be rated as an on-rails shooter, an arcade style game, not as a Horror-RPG like you might rate a Silent Hill or other Dead Space game on another console. As an on-rails shooter, this game is loads of fun (though a bit easy from time to time). Weapon options (so far) have been interesting and story-line has been progressive and interesting.

I personally like the on-rails format, which also worked for Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles. The fact that you are periodically able to choose directions helps to add some control to the game. An on-rails shooter is perfect for the Wii, with the point and shoot mechanism (even on my large screen).

This game is a solid 7, possibly 7.5. Do not trust reviews that say otherwise based on biases about the format, unless you absolutely hate this format of game.

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House of the Dead Space

posted by teejay13 (GREENVILLE, NC) Oct 13, 2009

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Obviously, the thing that most people hate is the fact that you're on a rail, much like an arcade shooter. That means you can't control your movement through the level, it's automatic. Your job is to shoot whatever comes on the screen. This removes most of the game's fear factor. No slinking around in the dark and checking every corner, not knowing when something will come at you.

On the plus side, the characters are interesting and the story is addictive. This game is less about investigating what's going on then the first one and more about just getting the heck out alive. Fans of dead space will get to meet familiar faces, both good and ugly, as well as visit some recognizable areas. And of course, 2-P Co-op is always a major plus in my book. Nothing brings friends and family together like eviscerating hordes of murderous monsters.

My recommendation is to get a Wii zapper or some other similar piece to get maximum fun out of the game.

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Pretty good rail-shooter!

posted by Mobeer (BALTIMORE, OH) Oct 8, 2009

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Hopefully you understand what a rail-shooter is before renting this game and giving it a low score because you're not in complete control of the characters movement. Anyways, for those who do understand, this is a really good game. The story is a great complement to the ps3/360 version of Dead Space. This prequel puts you in situations that you will find coincide with the original game. The voice acting is very good, and although graphicly the Wii is not up to ps3/360 standards the visuals are some of the best for the Wii platform that I've seen. The controls are done very well with the Wiimote, and never felt restricted or choppy to me throughout the game. I loved the original, and this new game is a fresh look at Dead Space in my opinion.

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