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didn't work bummer

posted by havocking (TEMPE, AZ) Dec 5, 2014

Member since Dec 2014

i just wanted to say that my copy didn't work is there any way I can leave a comment?

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Very Good

I'm scuuuuuured......

posted by KJB123 (DEBARY, FL) Aug 7, 2014

Member since May 2012

Dead Space 1 scared me. Dead Space 2 scared me again, and didn't let up. Dead Space 3 got me good... again! Ohhh man, the action in this season of Dead Space, the variety, the intense quick time events, ahhhh and that one scene with the drill. Ooo man was I glued to my TV, jaw agape, and palms a-sweatay! One and two I gave an 8 also. When the creators make a change, it is mucho bueno (good). THE WEAPON CUSTOMIZATION! Need I say more? I'd write more, but then I'd be taking up your time when you could be renting or buying it (I'd buy it for 30$ since I don't buy any game for 50$, not even for Skyrim or Fallout!) It is well worth your while, especially if you're a seasoned fan. You can be new to the series as well, but play the first Dead Space. One can only truly appreciate this masterpiece when having beaten the first and second. Trust me on this.

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Solo play is out the window

posted by DispersedMammal (HEALDSBURG, CA) Jun 20, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I've played the first two Dead Space games, and had a amazing of a time surviving the alien hordes, and also dismembering them with mining equipment. So when I played the third one, I thought that I would be trudging through organic matter on some scary derelict ship (or something) fighting said hordes, but no, I get this.

Dead Space 3 strays far from the Dead Space formula, and focuses on co-op gameplay, which is great if you have online capability. There is no differential between co-op and solo campaign, so the results are that you are getting mobbed by overwhelming numbers of monsters, while you are playing solo campaign. There is also almost no scary moments in this game, I mean the only time you get scared is when you know that the next encounter will most likely end up with you swamped with monsters, and the only way to resolve this situation is just to keep mashing the melee button.

The upsides of this game is the weapon customization, graphics, the voice acting (some of the best), and you get the N7 armor from Mass effect 3.

So to sum up this game, I'd say Dead Space taken one step forward, with weapons customization, and two steps back with the overwhelming enemy, lack of frightening and intense gameplay, and finally virtually no consideration for offline gameplay.

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