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Dead Space 3

posted by Ziggers (PUNTA GORDA, FL) Feb 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

Overall, a decent game and worth a RENT. The campaign was worth a play but it's not a game I would replay or invest a lot of time in. I only played single player, so my comments are related to that only. Here is my review:

The Good:
- Can completely build and customize your own weapons (assualt rifle + rocket launcher, line gun + flamethrower, etc)
- Lots of action
- Graphics & sound were good (same as other DS games)
- Long single player campaign

- Game isn't scary anymore because it's mostly action
- Most of the game is on a planet rather than in space, so only the beginning gives you zero-g / floating in space moments that are so cool
- Long range and slow-fire weapons are useless because it always sends a horde at you popping out of every opening, you basically are always fighting close combat a minimum 5 guys at a time
- IMO, the old DS suits were better, they've traded in the old metal & rustic suits which I thought made the game more gritty for a new polished woven fabric designs. The masks are cool, but the suits are generic
- All the same bad guys as before, I think there were only like 2 new additions that I can think of

The Ugly:
- Generic bad guy with unclear / stupid motives
- Plot was "meh", it was just an excuse to make a "bigger" game
- Can't see the entire game unless you play with a coop partner (coop only side missions)
- Carver (the second playable character) doesn't make sense to be included when playing single player, I found it weird how he just randomly appears at cut-scenes and how he always magically finds an alternate route, maybe this could be explained with the coop campaign, but I didn't play with anyone else so...

Overall, game was basically an excuse to make another DS game with some new additions like the weapon customization. It's nothing new but worth a rent. Enjoy

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Continuing the trend...

posted by Nemy009 (HOUSTON, TX) Feb 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

...of cashing in on a broader target audience. This game is a classic example of trying to service everyone and as a result creating a product that really doesn't capture any main audience.

The developers wanted the game to be scary, but at the same time action packed. Where in DS2 they were able to a achieve a somewhat balance between action and fright, DS3 just goes off the deep end in the action department so much so that many of the "monsters" you find yourself encountering are simply zombified soldiers.

It's like every developer nowadays that tries to make their games action oriented feels that they need to throw in some kind of military reference either with (in this case) zombie soldiers, military-style wardrobes complete with military style body armor, or of course military-style weaponry. Resident Evil wasn't safe from this trend and now Dead Space has fallen. I guess next we will be seeing Link running around in a desert camo tunic, Master Sword replaced with the Master Assault Rifle, a grenade belt, and Hylian Shield replaced with a chrome version of a ballistic vest.

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Above Average

Not enough effort

posted by motleyfellow (NATCHITOCHES, LA) Feb 12, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

the level design is a bit too cramped, they left out the PvP versus mode that was included in the last game, and compact (pistol) weapons are all really similar to one another.

Was PvP left out because EA still wants you to buy Dead Space 2? Probably.

It just feels like EA wants to spend less and profit more. No more playable necromorphs and PvP, just a co-op partner who can barely fit in the hallways with you. It seems like this was produced to check off the sequel box, not because the developer had any interesting ideas for it.

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