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Very Good

still great

posted by toodank (LAS VEGAS, NV) Feb 20, 2013

Member since Sep 2011

I'll be honest, I own Dead Space but never beat it. However, I enjoyed Dead Space 2 and still love it. It reminds me a lot of the older resident evil titles, always being on your toes and scared of every corner. I am still working my way through this one and it is just as good. The new weapon crafting system was a bit much for me to handle at first but I got used to it. Who wouldn't love to make their guns? The coop is great and it is not required which is a bonus. I fully recommend buying this game, if not then for sure it is worth a rental.

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Very Good

EA ruins another game

posted by sethson (PUEBLO, CO) Feb 19, 2013

Member since Oct 2010

Don't be mislead by the title, this was a great game in every aspect. Excluding the fact that because this is an EA game, you need an online pass. It is worth the rent, but don't expect to play co-op without paying 10$ extra.

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Dead Space is still freaking amazing!

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Feb 18, 2013

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Member since Jun 2007

Dead Space 3 is a continued success in one of the best gaming franchises out there. The games only keep getting better, and it must've been tough to follow up after DS2, because that experience was unforgettable.

Your journey as Isaac the engineer continue to a new snowy planet to find the source of those alien marker things. This snowy landscape offers new alien necromorphs, new terrors, new scenery, and much more exploring/loot collecting/and crafting than ever before.

Isaac is even more personable than he was in DS2, and you can fully pimp out his cool looking suits and weapons. However this time around there are literally thousands of weapon combinations to collect/build/and craft. The loot and treasure are used at benches that allow Isaac to customize everything from the sights, ammo clips, damage, weapon perks, elemental damages, 2ndary and primary ammo, and more.

Each gun pretty much has a primary and secondary fire, making killer crazy overpowered and cool combos. So you can build a blueprint for a flamethrower/grenade launcher gun. Or if you like close combat, build a shotgun/reaper blade combo gun to simply destroy alien limbs at will. Each gun can also hold up to 8 perks designed to improve clip, ammo, damage, and reload.

Expect tight corridors, intense necros popping out of vents and ceilings, and also crazy epic set pieces and Michael Bay type action. DS2 pumped up the action, and DS3 does the same with space exploration zero gravity fighting, space ship gameplay, crazy surprises, all with a great soundtrack. It also takes 15 hours or more to complete.

The fact that there are so many game-plus replay modes and now added online co-op, DS3 is a must rent or buy. Note, you cannot play online co-op without buying the game or paying for a $10 online pass. I love this almost perfect campaign, and hope one day a survival type horde or zombie mode will be added. Please!

Milt Drucker

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