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Classic 'Dead Space' Fun with new twists!

posted by killakam (ROCKLIN, CA) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Sep 2007

This game was intense just like previous DS games...

> The graphics and sounds are so creepy and real, the monsters are fun to dismember!

> I didn't come across any bugs and the game played very smoothly.

> Short cut scenes and short load times make it fun to play for hours!

the other game modes are interesting and lots of hard achievments...
just sucks that some of the cool content is in the marketplace, but then again all video games are doing this nowadays :/
i recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of unique & gorey games

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Very Good

Pretty Damnn Good

posted by SVTVN (RICHMOND, VA) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Let me start off stating I haven't played Dead Space 1-2, but that might make my review that much more valuable to others who haven't. Before I rented the game I was a little sketched out from the commercials, Hard Rock Phil Collins? Idk about that... Lemme tell ya the commercial did not do it justice.

I added it to my que from looking at the reviews. I recommend you do the same. I am a person who likes grunge horror type art styles, and little did I know that was the entire style of the game. And GREAT art, lemme tell ya.

The two things that really had me in awe were the completely customizable guns with two seperate attachments on every gun, and the flying in space. But over all I loved the game play, and the story and dialog seemed real top notch tbh. The small puzzles through out were fun as well.
I give it an 8 and not a 10 because EA ffucking sucks with their fuckingg bullshitt "pay for online play."

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posted by Matthewsefik (PORT CHARLOTTE, FL) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Dead Space 3 is a great game. This series has always been incredible and new and exciting but if you played the first two, don't be expecting the same. This is a action orientated game. The first two were horror specific but this one has allot more action compared to it. Now that is not a bad thing. But if horror is you cup of tea than i do not recommend this game. There are a few Scares but nothing that made me really get scared, just startling things. The graphics are incredible, this game is extremely good looking on both PS3 and XBOX 360. Now combat is extremely fun because its all about shooting off limbs and gore which is extremely satisfying with each shot. What keeps you addicted to this game is looting and gun creating system. DUDE, check it out. Every gun that is made can have a secondary fire. So the main part of the gun can be a sub machine gun and the second part a electric bolas cutter that does massive damage. than i added a acid part to it and some upgrade chips and i was whooping. there is allot of combinations you can do with stuff but looting is what gets you that stuff. you can set down little robots that scavenge for you by the way. now this game was good but what set it overboard was coop and the cinematic stuff. like uncharted cinematic stuff. wont get into that but believe me, you get some pretty awesome moments where you feel..... basically like a BA. The coop is not some lame crud where there is two of you like dead rising 2. they put allot of though into it and you including in the cut scenes even though you just go flying across the screen sometimes. i plays and John the coop buddy and there is some good side missions with him. all about him. that's awesome because that's where you see the though put in. you start to see crud than Isaac does not see and you kinda go crazy. i was shooting the wall for 5 second when my friend is like. what the heck are you doing. i saw a monster. he didn't. you share stuff so not competition. game was great

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