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Awesome Game!!!

posted by darknight33 (CLARK, PA) Jun 25, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I have been playing the various dead space games since 1. I always liked them with little complaint and that is certainly true with this installment. I could go on and on about this game and it would turn into far more characters than this box allows for. So I'll try to cut it down to size and still do this game justice the best i can.

The graphics are beautiful, textural and ambient. Every location looks great and feels fully thought out and living, to me no area felt rushed or shoehorned in. From distant sunsets and cold whipping winds on an ice world, to floating in space through the wreckage of a past great battle it was all amazing and really drew me into the world. As i said size constraint is an issue in this review. Had it not be, there are a ton of levels that i could go on and on about the graphics, basically all of them.

The game play was equally as good if not more as the graphics. The combat has always been in my opinion the core of Dead space. And this game takes it up another notch with the new weapon crafting system that basically only limits what you can create by your imagination. OK, i won't go that far but it's dam close. As usual you are up against necromorphs (sic) and on the higher difficulties they are beyond brutal, coming at you from all angles and some, very fast. The combat is visceral and gory and there can be genuine scares both of the jump variety and just a general feeling of uneasiness and fear at what's possibly around the next turn in these vast, labyrinth like levels.

Audio, VA, story all good, working on bringing some loose ends together. Some of the dialog could have been better for our hero but all in all i loved this game. You really got a sense of caring what happened to certain characters, but not as much as they could have. I also liked the ending, the last level is amazing looking. While not perfect, because of this IMO, it was a 100 times better than mass effect 3's original ending. Great game.9/10

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Took time to enjoy but not bad

posted by jasev01 (STROUDSBURG, PA) May 25, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

This was the first game I played in the series so it took a bit to get used to. I wanted to review this before but I wanted time to let things settle in my head. Now after taking some time to thing about things I want to give this between a 6 and 7. The controls that is one thing I remember was frustrating. Things that should take one button takes multiple button making things much more difficult than they should be. One things that is fun yet frustrating because of the choices is the ability to create your own weapons. In fact I will boost this to a 7 because of it. There is nothing better than picking up a new piece and thinking how can I create a new weapon. that being said the managing of the inventory is just a bit much. Oh no I have to run back and find a box to put away some stuff. Do I need to carry X many small/medium/large medipacks. Where is a bench i need to create a crow bar do I have enough platinum... Etc. Whatever it was a good story and but for the frustrating bits that drag on this is pretty good. I think this is a bit unfair but I'm not really in to the "horror" game and I am new to the series if not for those reasons this would probably get a higher rating. I probably won't play the others in the series as i am not into the genre and I have a backlog but I will probably give any squeals a a chance. This game is worth a play and a buy. if you want a change play game + or insanity or whatever. Not my cup of tea i have better things to do an more games to play but if you are into it its there for you something for everyone.

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Lame Space 3

posted by masterless (MONROVIA, CA) May 22, 2013

Member since May 2013

Huge fan of the series but this one was a huge disappointment. I had to go and make my first review it was so bad. So many repetitive battles, clunky slow controls, and UGGHH the constant back tracking! There was a couple of good scares and some gnarly death scenes but it also has one of the worst endings. 12 hours of gameplay for a 15 second end scene for a series final? GTFO>>> what a shame...shouldve called it shame space 3.

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