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dead space 3

posted by MIdNi9hToker1 (RENO, NV) Jul 25, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

Ok overall a good game. It does have multiple replay value i would have played trough it at least 3 more times but couldn't get past the second play through due to the fact the game required online play to fully Finnish the game if i wanted to play with some smart mouth 5 year old from across the world I'd play cod just sayin they should have made it that one could complete the game 100 % on solo story mode it completely turned me off from playing it anymore

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GF Rating

Very Good

Less scares but still fun overall

posted by N3xium (DETROIT, MI) Jun 30, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Good: The addition of a co-op mode is definitely something that added quite a bit of fun and enjoyment to the game. The controls are mostly still the same from the previous installments. No longer have to have separate ammo for each gun. The graphics run with this engine are impressive for this current gen and definitely add to the atmosphere of the overall game. The sound is still very good in this game even if the tone isn't quite the same as the first two games. Adds replay value with the New+ modes.

Bad: The story is probably the weakest part of the game which is disappointing since the first two games had a pretty good story. The issue with the story is that it feels mostly forced given what they reveal in the game and how fast at the end everything just miraculously comes together. Another bad thing of the game that was also seen at times in the other games is the deja vu feeling. There will be several moments in this game where you feel you are doing the same thing over and over and will eventually get the feeling that all you are doing is running errands. Lastly the boss fights in this game are nothing to brag about as in one case you fight one of them on three separate occasions.

Overall: I found this game enjoyable even though a lot of the fear from the claustrophobic space ships from the past are replaced by co-op experience in an arctic planet. I applaud the team at Visceral Games for trying something new instead of doing the same thing. Lastly it doesn't hurt that EA has now removed the online pass requirement on this game. Also the microtransactions are optional and the in-game features take care of resources so that complaint from others is very weak. With the good and bad in mind I give this game an 8/10.

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GF Rating


Awesome Game!!!

posted by darknight33 (CLARK, PA) Jun 25, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I have been playing the various dead space games since 1. I always liked them with little complaint and that is certainly true with this installment. I could go on and on about this game and it would turn into far more characters than this box allows for. So I'll try to cut it down to size and still do this game justice the best i can.

The graphics are beautiful, textural and ambient. Every location looks great and feels fully thought out and living, to me no area felt rushed or shoehorned in. From distant sunsets and cold whipping winds on an ice world, to floating in space through the wreckage of a past great battle it was all amazing and really drew me into the world. As i said size constraint is an issue in this review. Had it not be, there are a ton of levels that i could go on and on about the graphics, basically all of them.

The game play was equally as good if not more as the graphics. The combat has always been in my opinion the core of Dead space. And this game takes it up another notch with the new weapon crafting system that basically only limits what you can create by your imagination. OK, i won't go that far but it's dam close. As usual you are up against necromorphs (sic) and on the higher difficulties they are beyond brutal, coming at you from all angles and some, very fast. The combat is visceral and gory and there can be genuine scares both of the jump variety and just a general feeling of uneasiness and fear at what's possibly around the next turn in these vast, labyrinth like levels.

Audio, VA, story all good, working on bringing some loose ends together. Some of the dialog could have been better for our hero but all in all i loved this game. You really got a sense of caring what happened to certain characters, but not as much as they could have. I also liked the ending, the last level is amazing looking. While not perfect, because of this IMO, it was a 100 times better than mass effect 3's original ending. Great game.9/10

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