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Incredibly boring.

posted by StreetCarnage13 (PHOENIX, AZ) Aug 22, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

This games replay value for one is incredibly low, for one it has no major choices and it doesn't give a riveting storyline. Half an hour in I was already questioning the liability of the franchise. Beginnings to horror games shouldn't be actioned-pack and full of ridiculous dialogue that make the game completely unethical and make you give deep thought why you are even playing short and sweet this game is boring and isn't worth your time.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A more simplified Dead Space is both good and bad

posted by stevenmoctezuma (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Aug 7, 2013

Member since Apr 2011

Dead Space 3 takes us to a different planet and starts with a depressed, heart-broken Isaac Clarke. Just as soon as it seems he can get a break from the traumatic Marker and its disturbing creatures, he is forced back into a mission that may end it once and for all. Now, although Isaac is forced back into it, it is also a strange sort of rescue for him from his lonely world: Ellie has just dumped him, he is too broke to pay rent and can't seem to find closure from the memories. It is as if though, he needs to destroy the Marker to finally get closure in his life, not just get away from it. The game takes the team, including Ellie and (her new boyfriend I might add!) through hints and steps on how to rid of the Marker. The storyline is definitely entertaining.

The new frozen planet changes the atmosphere the old Dead Space's had into one that is very reminiscent of Carpenter's The Thing; but this happens only for a bit because as the game progresses you are back indoors dodging dark corners and wide-eyed for monsters, which grows somewhat monotonous. Nonetheless it is very fun.

There are now less suits which is somewhat of a bummer, but there are more gun creations which is probably the best part of the game. Instead of just grabbing what you can and accepting it, you can now create super guns of your liking. Perhaps you want a chaingun with a flame thrower on bottom or a shotgun on top with a rocketlauncher on bottom or even a bouncing bolas gun on top with a ripper on the bottom. And you can upgrade them however you want, more damage on top gun and more reload and rate of fire for the bottom. It's all up to you. A little creativity will take you far with guns which is probably the best part of the game.

The scariness of the game doesn't match the second one or even the first one. By this time, I guess Isaac isn't scared anymore--but that doesn't mean you don't want to be. It lacks the balance of the second game, but is a good, epic game to run through.

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GF Rating


Perfect !!!

posted by DyedInTheWool (Savannah, GA) Aug 6, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

Let me start off saying i was nervous playing this, i'll admit i didn't think i t was going to be a good game, not many 3rd titles games do well these days. Dead space 3 is the exception. The perfect sci fi Game in forever, the story was deep, detailed, exciting, Graphics are nice, combat and deep areas to explore make it entertaining. This game would make a incredible movie. I loved this whole series i'm glad they nailed it with the third installment in this series.

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