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Perfect !!!

posted by DyedInTheWool (Savannah, GA) Aug 6, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

Let me start off saying i was nervous playing this, i'll admit i didn't think i t was going to be a good game, not many 3rd titles games do well these days. Dead space 3 is the exception. The perfect sci fi Game in forever, the story was deep, detailed, exciting, Graphics are nice, combat and deep areas to explore make it entertaining. This game would make a incredible movie. I loved this whole series i'm glad they nailed it with the third installment in this series.

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GF Rating


Pretty good but not great, not as good as 1st

posted by themerc (WEST ROXBURY, MA) Jul 26, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

I loved the first but this wasn't as good. DS2 lacked the scary surprise moments and didn't have the general creepiness and creepy atmosphere of the first. DS2 gameplay is the same, upgrade guns and your suit, aim for arms/legs, and curb stomp aliens, which is a good thing, this is DS's unique points and one of its best qualities.

Not only lacking the scary and creepiness of the 1st, alien encounters I found to be predictable after a while, open room plus obvious wall vents equals alien attack, this just got repetitive and weakened the horror factor. I also found that when aliens did attack the they attacked in groups and I could swear sometimes aliens would spawn right behind you, which was pretty unfair. Lastly, level 14 was awful, hectic can be fun when done RIGHT, but this was more frustrating than fun, yes, an entire level had to be called out to be a negative which shows how bad it was.

I did like the setting, zero-g floating next to Saturn was awesome as well as going through engine rooms of sorts was really cool as well.

Overall, I think that you should play it, it's a fun enough game to keep you going, but this is the score it deserves, it's not as good as the 1st as it unfortunately doesn't carry over a true DS game of horror and creepiness.

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GF Rating


dead space 3

posted by MIdNi9hToker1 (RENO, NV) Jul 25, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

Ok overall a good game. It does have multiple replay value i would have played trough it at least 3 more times but couldn't get past the second play through due to the fact the game required online play to fully Finnish the game if i wanted to play with some smart mouth 5 year old from across the world I'd play cod just sayin they should have made it that one could complete the game 100 % on solo story mode it completely turned me off from playing it anymore

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