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Dead Space 3: Spacier

posted by Eminemfan (MCCLEARY, WA) Sep 10, 2014

Member since Oct 2011

Alright so i`m gonna start by saying to everyone out there this is NOT a survival horror game anymore its an action game with jump scares. Does that make it bad though is the question. So I actually quite enjoyed this game to say the truth I thought it was a good action game with an okay story, some decent action, a good cover mechanic, and some not to bad characters. I only had one problem, I don`t know if this is the same in each mode for the game (There are multiple) but I REALLY FREAKING HATE the fact that all weapons run on the same ammo, I would have liked it better if each customization took different ammo. My only bad thing. Other then that its pretty good!

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Very Good

Dead Space 3

posted by hevinlyreign (SPOKANE, WA) Feb 15, 2014

Member since May 2012

Great game. I would say it is the best in the series. It is definitely longer than any of the other installments.

Story is great. There are more things going on in this installment, and more characters involved, which is good. But, still lacked depth and no emotion conveyed. I mean, there is emotion and sentiment, but the kind of the likes of Sly Stone in 'Rocky'

Graphics are amazing. The sound quality is too notch. The story is really good. I am confused, still, to the first prologue part of the game, to the extent to not knowing why it was there to begin with.

Customizing weapons was better than ever, but still lacked majorly. You are not really creating weapons, you are more so, creating 'tools' which, 3 games in, Issac should know that he is going to need more than a rivet gun to battle Necros. Where is the minigun? Especially in this version, there are mercs that are teamed with Issac which should have made it more versatile with tools/weapons. I tried nearly every possibility put just stuck with the same weapon the entire game.

Biggest issues are that it is very repetitive and it i too one-directional. You have the whole universe more or less on your shoulders, but you are directed in such a linear path that it makes it unrealistic... speaking of unrealistic, there are too many times in DS3 that are too unreal, to the point that it is gimmicky. Issac is just a man, not the man of steel... if you've played the game, you understand, if you haven't you'll get it.

Anyways. All-in-all. Great game. I got tired of the repetitiveness and towards the end of the game, I just wanted it to be over and was exhausted of looking for items, artifacts, and weapon upgrades.

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posted by BlueSteel209 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Feb 7, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Dont get

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