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Too Much 3rd Person Shooter, Not Enough Dead Space

posted by Lethal_Noob (CHICO, CA) Feb 8, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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This game just came today. Timing was excellent because I've spent the past three days running through DS2 on hardcore. I finished it though. Nailed down the platinum trophy at long last. Checked the mail, and there was DS3. Oh happy day!
For the first half hour or so I was mad about the music being so upbeat and completely out of touch. The combat is maddening now. You're attacked by a fast moving pack that laughs at your meager weapons and abilities. Don't despair though. The good folks at EA are more than happy to sell you the guns and armor you need to be in contention. For about 2/3 or the retail cost of this game, you can be completely geared up and ready to fight the hordes of enemies that will be coming at you. You'll also have to pay up some real world money if you want to play any sort of co-op. Fair warning. I'm going to keep at it and hopefully beat it in a day or two, then send it on its way. So far, the only thing scary about this game is the extra price tag you have to pay just to feel adequate. I don't feel any sense of connection to the characters in this game, and that is a real shame. I wanted to be disturbed, shocked, frightened even, but I'm just getting disappointed.

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posted by TROJAN027 (PHOENIX, AZ) Feb 6, 2013

Member since May 2010

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

i cant really say im a good game reviewer,but this game is a great game.i just got it in the mail today at 1:00 pm the game itself is really addicting and time consuming i started playing it once i got it at 1:00 and looked up at the clock and it was already 3:00. Alls i can say is if you liked Dead space 2 and 1 youll love deadspace 3. The only thing about this game i dont like is how frustrating some things are and how their are some things they give you no clue on how to figure out and it can become very frustrating but doesnt every game?

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Above Average

Whats going on at EA?

posted by Primer55 (EULESS, TX) Feb 10, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

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Has EA been taken over by the Kardashians or something? Will we ever see a game that doesn't have we just want your money written all over it. Does anyone at that company ever read any of the reviews on how awful they are now. I loved this series but this game is so uninteresting and frustrating that I'm already sending it back, and I haven't even gotten to the part in the story where the atmosphere changes to the cold blizzard like stage. Most Wanted was a complete marketing scam by EA and it seems they have no intention of changing that style of business.

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