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Dead Space 3


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Dead Space 3

posted by High_king (ROCKY FACE, GA) Feb 12, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

I'll start off by saying this is an excellent addition to the Dead Space franchise , The graphics were great gameplay kept that original feel, and not having to be on another spaceship was even better.

But, at times it wasn't what I wanted Dead Space to be, monsters would go from horror to just plain annoying, or they'd be so predictable to know they're every move , after you complete one objective here comes a wave of monsters to deal with, or when you finally get to where you need to be, you encounter a smaller mission consisting of go find this, go do this first.. It constantly asks you to do this, but don't get me wrong I love making the game longer with missions like these, just it needs to happen less.

There is good though, because they turned it into just predictable waves of monsters, the crafting table is open for what ever kind of weapon you desire, allowing you to test all of your weapon ideas on these mindless monsters, it makes it to where you do not just depend on your standard weapons that have always worked in the past , you can add on to it, or just make a new one from scratch.

Now the co-op system is great, everything about it, you can actually tell this game is centered around it just by seeing how people do things in single player..

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Very Good

A sequel doing it right?

posted by whatup5656 (DOVER, DE) Feb 11, 2013

Member since Oct 2010

Lets face it, sequels now a days just not delivering that awesome game to us anymore. Plenty of times we have said "the last game was so much better." Well, in the case of Dead Space 3, this is not whats going on.

This installment into the Dead Space series has set a new bar. From adding weapon building/modding, to a new and improved environment where the Necromorphs still roam the halls.

The game does more and then more on top of that. Gameplay and gameplay mechanics are still the same from the last game. Very fluid and easy to jump right in. Graphics are the same as the last one, so don't expect anything like Cysis. With that being said, the game still shows the excellent quality and dedication from the developing team at Visceral Games. The new features of gun modding and crafting is a definite plus when it comes to destroying some Necromorphs. At times you will be finding yourself in a corner pinned down with an incoming group of Necromorphs. The combination of attachments on the weapon can either make or break a situation like that one.

The game itself is great. The story keeps the player entertained and the new features does as well. It also contains little to no bugs while playing the game. Pun intended.

There is a few draw backs.
The replay value. While Dead Space 2 had the mulitplayer with hours upon hours of playing, this game decided to go along with the co-op and skip out on it this time. To some, this is an extreme disappointment, but soon will forget all about it. Just play the game in another difficulty while waiting for the DLC. The horror and suspense factor has also been drawn down a bit. When a Necromorph ran past the screen and nothing happened for about 10 minutes, this was a great feature, but doesn't happen as much in the new game. So, this is more of an action game than horror/suspenseful.

Without the mulitplayer, this game would have received a 10, but is definitely a good buy for anyone

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posted by marinevet (PARKVILLE, MD) Feb 11, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

this game is so addictive i played on every mode and the jumps scares well i jumped a little lol

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