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Its just too exciting.

posted by JohnnyDark (SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA) Feb 15, 2013

Member since Oct 2010

I had to return it. It's just too exciting, I have a heart condition, lol.

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GF Rating


Not the best

posted by TehPWNZOR (VERNON, VT) Feb 14, 2013

Member since Nov 2009

I got to say that i am a bit dissapointed in this sequel. suprisingly the co op which was the thing that everyone was worried would destroy the game wasnt the actual death blow. in fact co op made it more enjoyable. i say that it made it more enjoyable because the games become less horror and more third person shooter. while there are some jump scenes they do not come close to dead space 2 or 1. I do not recommend playing single player because then it just feels lonley without the eerie ambience of the others. overall

gameplay= still great and tight with the same mechanics, the gun making addition is the best thing put into this one.

Online= usually i hate online gaming but co op on this was alot more fun then going solo.

Ambiance= with the exclusion of a few levels this is not the scare filled game of the past. There is no paranoia poking at your nerves like me and many others have enjoyed before.

Graphics = still great graphics and details, no bad remarks here. especially when you reach the snow zones.

I overall would recommend this to people that are tired of fearing the necromorphs and just want to blow them away. If your looking for scares and paranoia then get dead space 2 instead.

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GF Rating


How a horror franchise should be.

posted by hdeanderson74 (WAUKON, IA) Feb 12, 2013

Member since May 2012

I often find myself befuddled by the massive amount of hate on this game. "Is it because of the co-op?" I often ask. The answer is almost always yes and I just feel sorry for anyone who thinks that this game isn't worth it.

When I first booted up Dead Space 3 I was met with the always friendly reminder to stop renting EA games. Thankfully though I've always considered Dead Space my own personal experience. I set my headphones to horror, hit start and started my game on normal. I was stunned by how much Issac has changed in a few months. His hair has grayed, he's drinking, and for whatever reason he seems to be in a worse state than when we last left him. Then again he wanted to die by the end of 2.
First off, I have no major problems with this game. I enjoyed the thrills and was scared frequently by vent dwelling, suicidal, maniacs. I will admit sometimes the enemies were so hideous but well designed, I actually whimpered in fear. Weapon design in this game is really however you want it to be. The guns always look interesting and high tech and the animations for the weapons are something to behold.
Voice acting was great and, while I never got to know John Carver too well, i've heard his story is very interesting from people who've played co op. The soundtrack was nothing special and the song in the credits was heavily out of place with the ending. The environmental design is gorgeous and character models are very well done. Hair textures definitely could've been better but it's not so much a flaw as it is a sign that these consoles are getting tired. My only real irritation with the game was how they ended it. It was like a punch in the guts when I heard the after credits dialogue.
I thoroughly enjoyed this game and give it a nine out of ten.

-great voice acting
-cool weapon design
-exellent story with minimal problems
-beautiful environments
-try-hard ending
-less than impressive soundtrack (great tone setting though)

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