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Not Amazing but not bad either

posted by skoora (KIRKLAND, WA) Feb 24, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I have a hard time putting my finger on why I didn't love DS3. DS1 and DS2 are almost as good as gaming gets. It may be the lengthy boring early section in the space debris or that the upgrades/elements are so slow in coming that you only have great health/armor and weapons at the end. I didn't even put a dent in what weapon tips you could craft because of not having enough materials. The fact that the ending was quick and easy when sections much earlier on had me frustrated with trying to get through. I can definitely say the save system sucks. The "Save and Exit" in the menu only saves your inventory not your actual progress. Many times I died and it would take me back to just before I had spent a lot of time making/re-tooling weapons at a bench. Even though you could make double sided weapons I still would have liked to be able to carry more than two.

The game is beautiful. I didn't mind the bigger scope at all. The voice acting is again excellent. The DS story is OK, not great. I must admit I could never buy a movement like Unitoligy becoming so big after people saw what you turned into. Theres no confusing that with any kind of evolution.

DS3 compared to other games is a 10. Compared to it's predecessors I gave it a 7. Right after I finished I popped in DMC and after about 30 minutes had to eject it as something like Dead Space just destroy's it as a gaming experience in every way. DS3 was the slightest of mis-steps but I hope this world continues or at least games in this vein of immersion, graphics, voice acting and playability.

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no online play............

posted by kingebenezer13 (NORMAN, OK) Feb 22, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

i give this a rating of one because the online play requires a pin number that is located on the book to the game.This in turn means no online play=(.Due to the high system requirements the game cannot be played in co-op on a single system, it HAS to be played online to use the co-op content. seriously dissatisfied.i put it back in the mail the day it came......NO co-op on a game thats selling point for this chapter was finally introducing co-op.lammme

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Controls messed up...

posted by Newtin (MERIDEN, CT) Feb 22, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

Not sure if everyone had this problem...going by some of the good reviews I'd say no. Not sure why but the game was impossible for me to play in hard or impossible difficulty because my character constantly swapped his weapons randomly and used medkits, stasis when I wasnt even hitting the buttons to use them. Too many supplies were wasted to progress in the game...I sent it back to get the Xbox version and see if it has the same problem cuz playing this game in easy or normal just aint worth it.

Also...its not my controller cuz it works fine with other games. No clue...

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