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Save feature broken

posted by Cro44ss (MANKATO, MN) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Nov 2005

If I could give a zero I would. Dont get me wrong the game is great, probably best one yet. Except for the save game feature. I played all the way through level 5 optional twice to find myself back at the chase scene after loading. I looked at my progress and it showed 2.1% of level 6 complete, but it wont let me play level 6. I dont have the time to play this game in one sitting like I could back in the old Nintendo days, I have a life now.

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Not the Same as 1 and 2

posted by ModernAlchemist (CARLSBAD, CA) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I think this game would have gotten 1-2 points higher from me if I hadn't played the first two. I liked this game (a 7 means good by gamefly standards), but it didn't excite me and draw me in like the first two did. I liked the action, especially during the optional missions, but the climbing/running/dodging parts were an unwelcome new challenge that repeatedly frustrated more than entertained. The weapon building system was a neat idea, but I found that it took away from the game much more than I thought it would. I spent more time looking for materials to get a decent weapon than was enjoyable. I never expected that I would be farming in a Dead Space game. When you finally got the materials to build your weapons, you had to kind of guess and check with their efficacy. It was fun, but again, I preferred the absence of it.

In all, it's a fun action game in a captivating setting with a few scares. It's not the dark, fear-inducing game that it used to be, but it's worth a rent. Just don't expect that same flame that you felt burning inside you for the first two games to re-ignite.

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Crafting ruins the franchise

posted by Yikes78 (KNOXVILLE, TN) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

Dead 1 was great and 2 was even better, but 3 sucks the life out of the franchise. Half the action seems to be opening doors, sometimes via very tedious and lame puzzles. There are few enemies and they pose little challenge this time. The major failing is weaponry. I did not want to play past Chapter 4 because I still had no good weapons. I do not understand the boring and tedious crafting process. Who finds this enjoyable? If I want to work, I get a job. If I want to play, I find a good game; not this boring walkabout. Please go back to your roots if you plan a 4.

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