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posted by tednmu1 (HENDERSON, NV) Jan 30, 2011

Member since Dec 2009

This game is un freakin believable. Dont listen to idiots like the guy who gave it a 3 because u have to pay for online play. that guy is a moron. Yeah you know who you are. Or how bout the tool that gave it a 6 ?? I am stupider after reading his review. Yes it is true that EA sux but they got this one right. WOW ! Games should be separately reviewed for online play and campaign modes anyways. I personally never play online because i have a life so campaign modes are all i play. And this games has a killer campaign mode. Huge canidate for game of the year 2011!!!

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Reminds me of Bioshock :)

posted by dylann48 (MILPITAS, CA) Jan 29, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

I trulely love this game, the graphics are solid, it gives you that creepy trying to expect what happens next feeling. Such as when you play Bioshock, which I'm in love with... I would recommend ANYONE who loves Dead Space (first game) or Bioshock. Or any Sci-Fi Horror game. The Dailouge is easy and understandable, the gameplay is just awesome and exciting every second. The controls are easy and simple, although I wish you could fast just a bit more faster. Multiplayer, is very good for a 3rd person shooter. There's more aliens (forgot their species name) than their are humans, but it equals out because well, the aliens only got their claws and stuff. The humans have guns and everything you use in campaign. Being the alien in multiplayer reminds me of the Alien vs Predator multiplayer, if you loved playing that the alien in there, I think you'll love playing as the alien in Dead Space 2.

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Dead Space 2.. Amazing!

posted by tommyMann (RENO, NV) Jan 29, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

The first Dead Space was an unexpected hit out of EA's Redwood Shores studio. The innovative idea of dismembering your enemies, instead of the simple head-shot formula, really gave the over the shoulder game a more strategic way of taking out your enemies. This series has everything reminiscent of Aliens to Event Horizon. If you're a fan of sci-fi horror, I can't say I've seen anyone do it better than Dead Space.

Dead Space 2 does not reinvent the formula of the first, but if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. If you loved the first one, you'll love the second installment. From first to last, Issac is in peril, because there is no rest for the wicked. It's more of the same and then some, and there's nothing wrong with that. Issac now has a face and a voice, and thankfully, it's done quite well. Issac's voice will not make you turn off the game, he is not an overly chatty cliché, and I applaud the developers for that. There's a lot of great plot here for any fan of avid storytelling. Dead Space 2 really seems to get just about everything right while polishing the existing aspects of the original.

The only complaint I've heard by other gamers, has been the lack of nonlinearity. The game is pretty straight forward, get from here to here, don't die, and kill everything. I personally have no problem with that. Bring it on. I loved this game. It was a must buy, didn't think twice... you must own this.

The third game is already in development, and I can't wait.

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