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GF Rating

Above Average

Could have been better!

posted by Burnit (FORT COLLINS, CO) Feb 20, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

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Dead Space 2 starts off fantastic,(chapters 1-3) but fails to deliver. After chapter 5-11 it just feels like a point A to point B game with a little killing here and there. Then bam chapter 12 and you have a non stop wave of enemies that are pointless to kill. All the last few levels entail is stasis, shoot, run and repeat. The final boss is a joke and I expected something else, but never received it. Currently forcing myself to play through it again.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Wonderful Sequel to a Great Franchise

posted by acedebase (HAGERSTOWN, MD) Oct 24, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

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So I love this game. Yes, not as scary as the first, mostly because Isaac talks and it seems as though they toned down the background noise and music score. I think I am thankful though - nothing exhausted and frayed my nerves more than a few hours of playing Dead Space 1 because of the unnerving background sounds and music score. I noticed that the developers resorted to a few cheap tricks for cheap thrills - bursting pipes, random alarms and bells going off. But what made the first game so gut-wrenchingly unsettling was the constancy of the background noise and score - like a Sondheim movie. I liked it better when Isaac didn't speak - made it more creepy and hopeless. And it is the hopelessness of it all that absolutely sells this franchise. My God did I feel helpless in Dead Space 1. Not so much in 2, I felt empowered, especially with the addition of different tech suits. You can also predict a few developer favorites - in a large room with a button? expect necros to jump out from everywhere - in a tight corridor? expect them to jump out at you from both sides. In an elevator? Small - usually no worries. Large - get ready for some close combat. I found that I did a lot of close combat in DS 2 - so what DS 2 lost in suspense it made up for in intensity. Anyway - great story, great game - can't wait for DS 3!


My 2 cents on the ending - it looks to me as though Isaac was reading something on the screen (he's squinting). Possibly an incoming transmission. It appears that he is shocked by what he eventually comprehends the message to mean and turns to Ellie. So, either the message has something to do with Ellie or it has something to do with the remaining markers we hear about at the end of the credits.

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GF Rating


LOVE IT!!! Please let a third come out.

posted by jacktheawesome (MENDON, MI) Jul 26, 2011

Member since May 2011

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I thought the first dead space was amazing... and then i played dead space 2. DS2 is AMAZING! I just got finished playing it from start to finish on zealot, which was a good challenge. The pros: Takes one of the best games to date and makes it BETTER. New weapons and enemies, better story, incredible ending; and breath taking music and scenery that keeps you glued to your seat when you are not flinching in horror. The first couple of chapters i figuratively, literally jumped out of my shoes. The game is intense and doesn't let that mood down from start to finish. I can almost guarantee this game will come out as a greatest hit. If you liked the first one enough to finish it, you absolutely must play this one. I do, however, recommend playing the first one first, even if just to get the hang of it, as the second one is harder. Plus, you don't want to miss any of this story... absolutely riveting. It offers a new game plus as well like the first. The bad on this game... hmmm..... I can't say that i can honestly think of anything off the top of my head. If you play on zealot, you WILL die, probably often, if some see that as bad. Also, it is a tad short. Pick the game up if you like good times, good graphics, and action packed gameplay.

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